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Kodak intros PLUSDigital disposable camera

The Kodak PLUSDigital camera system offers consumers an easy and inexpensive way to get digital pictures without a digital camera. By providing consumers with their traditional prints plus their digital pictures on a Kodak Picture CD, it allows an easy entry into digital photography that offers the flexibility, convenience and quality of Kodak’s premium one-time-use camera.

“We know consumers want to share their pictures digitally but they also want their prints. It is our goal to make digital easier for every consumer, whether they want the ease-of-use of a single-use camera or the sharing benefits associated with digital pictures,” said Marc Gibeley, Vice President, New Products and Services, Consumer Imaging, Kodak. “With PLUSDigital, consumers can enjoy the benefits of both film and digital at the same time.”

Consumers using the Kodak PLUSDigital one-time-use camera do not have to change their photo behavior. They simply take the camera to any retailer that offers Kodak premium processing and check the box for “Prints Plus a CD.” Each Kodak PLUSDigital camera is processed using new Kodak Perfect Touch processing (where available), which individually scans and corrects each picture to reveal more vibrant colors, richer detail and fewer dark shadows