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New camera technology helps remove photobombers from your pictures

Scalado Remove

Photobombers. Can’t avoid ’em, can’t live without ’em. Sure, they make for hilarious afterthoughts when you spot them, but it sure is painful when all you wanted was a perfect picture of your girlfriend by a pretty water fountain and what you get is a bunch of drunk college kids peering out behind her, armed with Four Lokos. Or maybe you’re on a trip with a bunch of friends and you get in a fight with one guy in the group and want to pretend the jerk never existed. Here’s where Scalado’s Remove comes in. 

With this new patented object-removal technology, users are to take a moment to frame the shot before snapping the picture as they normally would. Those few seconds before the shot are taken allow the app to record stationary objects in the scene. After the picture is taken, users can pick out moving objects in the frame that the program had deemed impermanent to the shot, such as passing cars, people or stray animals. Then, with just a quick tap, those items are cleared from your photo as if they were never there. You don’t have to wait for background of your shot to clear up anymore, especially if you’re in a busy place, and you can edit the pictures way after the fact by storing the scene in your phone to fix at a later time. If you decided you’ve deleted too much (or made up with that jerk in the group and want to accept his existence after all), Remove also allows users to go back and reedit the shot to put back the objects that were originally captured. Scalado will be unveiling the official Remove software at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, Spain later this month.

The idea is similar to Adobe Photoshop’s new Content-Aware fill function, which clone stamps an area of a picture you deleted with what the program assumes should be there instead. However, because Remove recognizes in video what’s static and not, its result should be much more seamless. Scalado’s previous projects include Rewind, a software that takes a series of photos so the user can edit the best parts of each photo into one composite image. This is aimed at group photos to help each person select the best shot of themselves in the series, because you know there’s always inevitably one person in the group who blinked or didn’t like the way their hair looked in the final picture.

However, before you get excited, it does not seem like Remove will be a downloadable app for various mobile platforms. Instead, Scalado will enter the market as licensed original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partnerships with major phone companies such as Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and HTC. See the software demo here and decide for yourself if Remove will set a new standard for mobile photography.