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Nigel Barker giving photographers the 'Top Model' treatment in new web series

Nigel Barker, probably best known for his work on Tyra Bank’s America’s Next Top Model series, is teaming up with famed camera retailer Adorama on a new web series called Top Photographer. The show, which clearly draws its inspiration from the Top Model series, will pit five photographers against each other in a progression of contests until two remain.

The new web series will be aired and distributed through Adorama TV, the camera retailer’s YouTube channel. The five chosen photographers will battle across multiple episodes, taking part in challenges and other reality TV-style games to earn a shot at being one of the top two photographers.

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“We will be casting a large net across the country looking for photographers from all walks of life and interested in all types of photography,” states Nigel. “Obviously technical ability will be assessed but most importantly I will be looking for passion, drive and the illusive ‘eye’ that all top photographers have. Top Photographer is going to pit a few of the best shooters we can find from all around the country with the aim of singling out just one to win the title of Top Photographer. And in a world of photographers, that’s no small feat.”

The finale is expected to air sometime in November, and will pit the top two remaining photographers against each other for the chance at the grand prize worth $50,000 and an NYC exhibit hosted by Nigel Barker himself. Entering is simple enough, simply upload a photo to their official entry page and cross your fingers that your shot catches Nigel Barker’s eye — because he will be hand picking all five contestants.

No word was given about when the producers hope or plan on shooting the web series, but given that the finale is set for a November release, one would expect shooting to begin in August or September.