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Nikon Coolpix 5200 Review

Quote from the review:

“The Coolpix 5200 (and Coolpix 4200) are the newest weapons in the war against red-eye. The exclusive Nikon red eye fix feature is activated when the camera is set to the red eye reduction flash mode. A pre-flash minimizes red eye as the first step. The camera then analyzes the picture using powerful image processing and analysis technology. In-Camera Red-Eye Fix incorporates years of image processing and imaging analysis technology and know-how. The process is completely automatic and transparent to the user. The user will simply experience a reduction in the number of pictures with red eye. There are limitations to the feature as the system is optimized to the flash operating distance.

Other features include 12MB of internal memory and a card slot for optional SD memory cards. Advanced 5-point auto focus system with AF assist illuminator. 15 Scene Modes including four with Scene Assist, new Panorama Assist Mode, Macro shooting capability as close as 1.6 inches, Best Shot Selector (BSS) takes a series of shots, then automatically picks and records the clearest one. Three Movie modes with sound, including TV movie (640×480 VGA) at 30fps, Small size (320×240) at 30 fps, and Smaller size (160×120) at 30fps. The length of a movie is limited only by the capacity of the internal or SD memory. Blur Warning alerts users to photos that are not sharp. The camera can be powered by proprietary Li-ion rechargeable battery (supplied) or the new disposable Duracell CP1 Prismatic battery. The battery life is up to 320 shots. “

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