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Nikon Unveils Eight New Coolpix Cameras

Nikon is announced eight new Coolpix point-and-shoot cameras spanning a wide range of features and price points to appeal to everyone from the entry-level picture-snapper to the pro-sumer picture enthusiast.

First up, the Coolpix P90 sports a 12.1 megapixel resolution, a 24× zoom, a 3-inch LCD mode, and a burst mode capable of shooting 145 pictures per second. The unit features DSLR styling, image stabilization, blink and motion detection, sensitivity down to ISO 6400, and portrait niceties like a face-priority autofocus, a smile times, and blink warnings. The P90 should carry a suggested retail price of $339 and be available this March.

Next, the slim Coolpix 630 sports a 12 megapixel resolution, 7× zoom, 2.7-inch LCD display, sensitivity down to ISO 6400, an auto scene selection, image stabilization, and a continuous sport shooting more for high-speed capture—plus the portrait features (face priority, smile mode, and blink proofing) that casual photographers love. The Coolpix 620 is a similar unit but bumps up to 12.2 megapixels, drops back to a 4× zoom, and adds subject tracking. Expect to see the 630 available in five colors for $279; the 620 will also be available in five colors for about $269.

The Coolpix S230 and S220 each offer a 10 megapixel resolution and 3× zoom, but most intriguingly feature a touchscreen that enables users to write and draw directly on their photos—convenient for adding that obviously-fake mustache to those candid pictures. Both cameras feature image stabilization; the S220 features a 2.7-inch display while the S230 expands out to 3 inches and adds ISO 2000 sensitivity. The S230 should retail for about $229; the S220 will go for about $149.

The Coolpix L100 sports a 10 megapixel resolution, a 15× zoom, a 3-inch display, and offers image stabilization along with a 13 frames-per-second burst mode for action photography. The L100 runs on AA batteries—handy for fueling the shutterbug itch away from wall sockets—and offers IS 3200 sensitivity. Expect to see it in March for a suggested price of $279.

Finally, the Coolpix L19 and L20 offer 8 and 10 megapixel resolutions, respectively, run on AA batteries, and sport 3.6× zooms, motion detection, and scene selection technologies. The L20 has a 3-inch display, while the L19 offers a 2.7-inch display: expect to see them for $109 and $129 respectively.