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Olympus Ferrari Digital Model 2003

 It is the first and only digital camera in the world currently sanctioned by Ferrari S.p.A. Only 10,000 units will be produced, of which 1,000 will be sold in Japan.The camera will be sold byadvance order only.

The Ferrari DIGITAL MODEL 2003 is based on the stylish and all-weather µ-20 DIGITAL (Stylus Digital 400). It is designed to reflect the beauty and quality that are hallmarks of Ferrari craftsmanship, and is the first digital camera in the world to be officially sanctioned by the Ferrari organization. The body of the camera is finished in distinctive Ferrari Red, and the lens barrier is adorned with the world-famous “Cavallino Rampante – Prancing Horse” logo featured on Ferrari cars and F1 racing machines. When the camera’s power is switched on, the built-in color LCD monitor displays the Ferrari name and logo, as well as an image of a Ferrari F1 racing machine.

In Japan, the Ferrari DIGITAL MODEL 2003 will be available only from Olympus AVS Co., Ltd. by placing an advance order as described below. (If the number of orders received exceeds 1,000 units, a lottery will be held.) Shipment of cameras is scheduled for mid-November 2003.
Online Orders Orders can be placed at the Olympus website between October 10 and October 30, 2003, via a special form provided for that purpose.

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