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ORITE VC3010Z 3.3MPixel Digital Camera

Quote from the review at HardwareZone:

“While handling the ORITE VC3010Z, we enjoyed the use of the automatic protective lens barrier which saves us the hassle of removing and replacing an independent lens cap. For the absent minded, the respectable 16MB worth of internal memory space serves as a good backup should the memory card be forgotten to be replaced or simply used as an expansion to the existing memory card space. The individual buttons on the four-way directional pad serves as quick shortcuts to different camera operations, particularly the quick preview button which displays the last captured image with the option of erasing it or not. Overall, we also found the buttons on the ORITE VC3010Z well damped with a good tactile feel. However, we weren’t too enthusiastic about the three SET, MENU and DISP buttons located below the LCD screen which proved a tad difficult to access when the camera was mounted on a tripod. The 10 raised dots on the rear of the camera body did not offer a very secure grip on the flat box-like camera body though the provision of the wrist strap serves as a safety net should the camera slip away from the user’s hands. Extra care has to be taken as well to keep the unprotected terminal ports away from water or potential contact irritants. “

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