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YouTube co-founder launches live video app for celebrity chefs and foodies

Nom is the new live video app for food lovers from YouTube co-founder Steve Chen. The app lets users live-stream clips of their favourite recipes and dishes, and interact with celebrity chefs using comments, photos, and GIFs.

Not all Galaxy S7 models have the same camera

Much like with the Galaxy S6 duo last year, Samsung used more than one camera sensor for the Galaxy S7 duo this year. Because of this, we expect Samsung's rationale to be consistent with its defense last year.

Facebook gets silly with acquisition of face-swapping selfie app MSQRD

Facebook wants in on the face-swapping buzz and has acquired the popular app MSQRD. Using face-tracking technology and 3D effects, MSQRD's fun elements could find their way into the Facebook app.

Monogram iOS app combines your business card with your portfolio 0:50

Moo, the business card printing company, is out with an iOS app, Monogram, which lets you build a quick portfolio to showcase your work. Monograms are saved to your phone, so you don't need Wi-Fi or data to access them.

Imgur gets a dedicated iPad app

You can now browse cat pictures and GIFs in a dedicated iPad app. The iPhone app also now has support for 3D Touch and Spotlight Search, and the Android app follows Material Design guidelines.

Food porn psychology: New study reveals Instagramming your food makes it taste better

New research has found that people who photograph their food before eating it find it tastier than those who do not. Three studies, conducted with the participation of over 120 people, formed the basis of the food porn psychology findings.

This is the super dual pixel camera sensor inside your flashy new Galaxy S7

With days to go before the Galaxy S7 is released, Samsung has taken a moment to detail the dual pixel camera sensor that's inside both the S7 and the S7 Edge, hoping to convince holdouts to pre-order the device.

From silly selfies to serious money: Snapchat eyes $300 million revenue in 2016

Snapchat is predicting it will generate revenue of up to $300 million this year, according to sources close to the company cited in a new report. Based on its forecast, the firm's revenue will increase six-fold in 2016.

Now researchers can fool fingerprint scanners with an ordinary inkjet printer

Just how secure is the fingerprint sensor on your smartphone? Researchers at Michigan State University demonstrated how you can spoof a smartphone's fingerprint sensor using a simple inkjet printer.

Sony’s HX80 is the smallest camera you can buy with 30x zoom, viewfinder

With a 30x optical zoom and OLED viewfinder, Sony claims its new HX80 is the world's smallest compact camera with such specs. It is nearly identical to last year's HX90V. Also, Sony announced an upcoming wireless flash system.

Only emojis were used to create this real estate listing for the White House

Zoe Mendelson, a long-form emoji enthusiast, created a real estate listing for the White House with naught but emojis, including all the most important info about the presidential mansion.

Man accidentally shoots and kills himself while taking selfies

A Washington man accidentally shot and killed himself while taking selfies after he believed the gun to be empty of bullets. The death is currently being investigated as accidental.