Cool Tech

Rolling solo at a hotel? Marriott wants to hook you up (with platonic pals)

Your next business stay at a Marriott hotel could be more like a hostel thanks to Six Degrees, a social-networking experiment designed to connect like-minded travellers staying under the same roof.

Fujifilm update brings snazzy new features to X-T1 and other X-series cameras

Fujifilm has rolled out firmware updates for a number of its X-series shooters. The X-E2, X-E1, and X-Pro1 all pick up some new tricks, though it's the X-T1 that gets the most attention, with an incredible 21 new features landing with the…
Social Media

Instagram mass-deletes spam accounts, users freak out

In an attempt to purge Instagram of problematic accounts and useless spammers, the social network deleted millions of accounts this week much to the chagrin of celebrities and general users.

Diagnose ear infections at home with this low-cost smartphone accessory

CellScope has developed an innovative new smartphone attachment that essentially transforms your device into a fully-functioning, network-connected otoscope -- the medical device that doctors use to look inside of people's ears.
Product Review

Canon Maxify MB5320 Review

Canon's Maxify workhorse printer proves it's serious about business.

Absurd Tumblr site combines images of two celebs into crazy funny offsprings

From Spockahontas to Quentin Tarantina Turner, a hilarious Tumblr site from a Swedish graphic designer mixes half-images of famous celebs (real and fake) into love children with equally funny names.

Is photographer Peter Lik’s ‘Phantom’ really the world’s priciest picture?

Photographer Peter Lik sold his work “Phantom” for a world record $6.5 million. But the high price tag has raised eyebrows about the sale’s authenticity.

Instagram rolls out five new filters, first in two years

Bored of using the same old Instagram filters? Well, thanks to an update rolled out Tuesday, you now have five new ones to choose from. You can also move your filters about, bunching together your favorites while shifting the others out of…

Zoom over yacht fires, Chernobyl, and volcanoes in the most amazing drone videos

As you might expect, there's no shortage of drone films on the Web, given how affordable the miniature aircraft have become in recent years. We've sorted through the masses to provide a list of the best videos captured via drone, whether…

Rock out to this neighborhood’s amazing synchronized Christmas light display

A neighborhood in Yucaipa, California synchronized all their Christmas lights to flash in time to Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Wizards of Winter." The video was taken by a drone, so... bonus points?

Tired of JPEG compression artifacts? BPG is the solution

JPEG is now over twenty years old and the versatile image format is showing its age. A French programmer as proposed an alternative that offers better quality at any given file size, but don't expect to see it adopted overnight.