Seagate desktop hard drive has USB hub to recharge, back-up mobile devices, cameras

Seagate recently launched new desktop drives with built-in USB hubs for backing up and recharging mobile devices and cameras. Seagate VP and Chief Product Officer Tim Bucher tells us more.
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DJI’s latest update allows verified drone users to bypass its No-Fly technology

The latest update to DJI's No-Fly technology received an update this week that allows verified pilots to bypass some of the no-fly zones. The update will be compatible with all of DJI’s Phantom drones going back as far as the Phantom 3…

Is this new 256-gigabyte flash storage the SD card killer?

Flash storage means big speed -- but now that speed is portable. Samsung's new Universal Flash Storage cards are not only faster than microSDs, but boast big capacities up to 256 GB, a storage size more commonly listed in the specs for…

These could be the 9 best drone images you see all year

Think you've seen some great drone photos? You haven't until you check out these nine winning images from the Dronestagram annual contest. From travel to sports and nature, the winners will be featured in National Geographic.

Sick of Instagram trolls? New feature lets business profiles block nasty comments

In an attempt to address its troll problem, Instagram has taken the bold step of introducing a new comments blocking tool for businesses that could spell the end for unwanted messages on its platform.
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Light's L16 computational camera gets a wider zoom and double the internal memory

Citing feedback from pre-order customers, Light has extended the zoom lens and doubled the memory on its L16 computation camera, slated to ship this summer. The company also announced it raised $30M to expand its capacity.
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Canon EOS 80D Review

For pro video or just razor-sharp stills, Canon's EOS 80D has it nailed.
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Insights, Instagram's analytics feature, now available to users

Instagram began rolling out its highly anticipated Insights feature, which provides analytics about a user’s account directly in the app. While it appears to be fairly straightforward, there are a couple of oddities causing some…

Switchback is a quick mount that GoPro should have created from the start

GoPro may be loved for their variety of mount systems, but more than a few have been frustrated with the screw-mount options that are anything but quick to swap out. That's why a new Kickstarter is hoping to replace the traditional screw --…

Insta360 Nano camera lets you live-stream VR video from your iPhone

The Insta360 Nano is a new 360 virtual reality camera that uses an integrated Lightning cable to let you easily share and live-stream content on Facebook or WeChat with your iPhone.
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This Snapchat clone has racked up 30 million users in Asia in a matter of months

A Snapchat clone from the makers of the Line Messaging app is sitting atop the iOS App Store chart in China, thanks to its extensive range of selfie filters. Despite resembling its popular rival, Snow boasts some cool tricks of its own.

This new AT-X 24-70mm f/2.8 lens shines bright, outperforms pricier competition

Third-party lens manufacturer Tokina continues its successful run with the AT-X 24-70mm f/2.8. Despite being less than half the cost of first-party alternatives, it just made through the gauntlet of DXOMark testing with flying colors.