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Sony RX1R II Review

Sony redefines what we expect from a compact with the sophisticated RX1R II
Social Media

New marshmallow Peeps social media campaign targets millennial moms 0:42

A new social media campaign featuring marshmallow Peeps intends to attract a new generation of fans. The campaign includes videos encouraging fans to vote for Peeps or the groundhog as the true sign of spring.

Cool tech, hipster aesthetics top 2016 Adobe Stock visual trends

The Adobe Stock team released its visual trends for 2016 which include color, perspective, and cool aesthetics. These trends are expected to lead to the most impactful imagery for brands and businesses.

Penthouse Magazine ends its print days, will now be only digital

The Internet has just claimed another casualty, and it's a surprising one. After five decades, Penthouse Magazine is shuttering its print edition, because why buy in print when you can read (alright, look) online?
Social Media

Research says Facebook profile pics can affect your job prospects

Social media platforms are increasingly used by employers throughout the employment process. Research indicates that even your Facebook profile pic can determine whether or not you get an interview.

Fujifilm’s new rugged compact gets larger LCD, improved lock

Fujifilm's FinePix XP90 rugged compact camera doesn't have any major updates from last year's model, but the 16-megapixel shooter has a larger display and a new lock to help better seal the camera.

This fast, low-cost 3D modeler is Frankensteined out of off-the-shelf parts 1:30

With multiple flexible arms and wires snaking over it like veins, the Beastcam looks terrifying, but it's actually a new and economical take on traditional modeling devices, using off-the-shelf parts like compact cameras.

GoPro’s misstep with Hero4 Session pricing leads to job losses

GoPro has forecast lower-than-expected revenue for the final quarter of last year and said pressure on its action-camera business means it has to lay off around 100 workers. Pricing missteps with its Hero4 Session camera were partly to…
Cool Tech

Pack a week's worth of clothes into this smart carry-on

Need a smart carry on? The Kickstarter campaign for the ProGo says you can fit a week's worth of clothes into this carry-on-sized bag. The ProGo also has a Bluetooth tracker inside, should you ever lose it.

Google shrunk its Street View cameras to give us a close look at this stunning model world

Using specially built tiny cameras, the Google Street View team has given us a glimpse of life inside a stunning model railway display, which captures life around cities, towns, and landmarks in Germany.