This 4K display turns digital art into an analog experience (and that’s OK)

The Depict Frame is a specialty 4K display designed for the sole purpose of showcasing art in ultra-high resolution. You get framed art that you can constantly update, simply by using Depict's iOS app.

Zano mini-drone will follow you around to take selfies, shoot video

Tapping into the growing popularity of personal flying drones, the Zano is a miniature drone that has the ability to autonomously follow around the owner utilizing a Wi-Fi connection with a smartphone.

Google applies new 3D imagery to NYC, San Francisco maps

Using new cameras and algorithms, Google has rebuilt 3D images of buildings and landmarks in New York City and San Francisco, making them look more realistic. The enhanced rendering effects are coming to other cities in 2015.

Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s short film, made entirely in 4K with Samsung’s NX1

To show off the 4K potential of its new NX1 camera, Samsung partnered with actor/director Joseph Gordon-Levitt on a new short film. Shot entirely in 4K Ultra HD, you can watch the film here.

Instagram user base breezes past 300m mark, overtakes Twitter

Instagram just keeps on growing – the Facebook owned media-sharing service said Wednesday its user base now stands at 300 million, leaving Twitter, with its 284 million users, in the dust.

Oscar-nominated stop-motion director premieres new film shot with Nikon D810 DSLR

PES, an Oscar-nominated director known for his stop-motion animation, used a Nikon D810 DSLR to shoot his latest film, Submarine Sandwich – a surreal short about the making of a popular food item.
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Tech gifts for the frequent traveler

Have a frequent traveler on your list? While you may not be able to give them the gift of a vacation, you can supply them with a few items that will help them enjoy their next trip a lot more. (Need more travel gift ideas? Check out .)
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Tech Gifts for the Photographer

For a full photography experience, a camera and lens are only a part of the story. Sometimes you need a few accessories to help you get that perfect shot. Here are a few that will make any photographer on your list happy.

Lume Cube smart flash shines bright light onto action cams and smartphones

The Lume Cube is a small flash accessory that shines up to 1,500 lumens. Used as a constant source or burst of light, the Lume Cube can be paired with four other modules to provide ample light for action cameras and smartphones.

Kamkop Action Jib helps you shoot smooth videos with action cams and smartphones

The Kamkobp Action Jib is a portable and lightweight camera accessory that helps you shoot smooth videos with actions cameras and smartphones. It also has an optional remote controlled gimbal that can be programmed via smartphone.

Google brings Dubai to Street View

Google's Street View team has just posted imagery for its first Middle East city – Dubai. The panoramic photos take you close to not only the famous skyscrapers and glitzy malls for which the city is famous, but its historical parts, too…
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Vimeo opens the door for 4K UHD video, but no streaming yet

Vimeo will begin allowing Vimeo Pro users to offer 4K downloads for videos and sell 4K downloads on the video-on-demand service.