Fuijifilm’s new XF 18-135mm lens has weather-resistant design

Fujifilm's new XF 18-135mm lens has a weather-resistant construction that can withstand a variety of conditions. It offers users five more stops of image stabilization and fast autofocusing capability.

Chinon Bellami HD-1 video camera blends Super 8 past with the HD present

The Bellami HD-1 from Chinon of Japan, pays homage to Kodak's Super 8 film cameras of the 1970s. While it supports classic and modern 8mm lenses, the HD-1 is a thoroughly modern HD camera.

Sony’s curved sensor technology could be huge leap forward in image quality

Sony has demonstrated its curved sensor technology that allows for smaller lens-and-sensor modules that can deliver great image quality. This curved sensor could be a big step forward for compact digital cameras and smartphones.
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Hexo+ autonomous drone aims to simplify shooting of action scenes

Action-sports enthusiasts who like to capture their exploits on video may soon be able to add some aerial footage to their POV shots with the help of the Hexo+, an autonomous flying machine that films you wherever you go.
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Canon Pixma iP8720 Review

Canon Pixma iP8720 review.
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Enjoy a drone’s-eye view of the world with TravelByDrone’s stunning videos

With videographers fast waking up to the fact that a quadcopter with a camera attached can produce some stunning results, more and more of this kind of footage is appearing online. And now, thanks to TravelByDrone, there's a place to view…

Watch how aperture, shutter speed, ISO influence camera exposure in this video

A new educational video from CreativeLive explains the exposure triangle, which will help you master manual settings of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO of advanced cameras.

Facebook Messenger adds in-app video recording, bigger thumbs

Facebook wants its messaging app to get everything it needs to compete with WhatsApp, Line, ChatOn, and other popular apps. The new Facebook Messenger lets you record short video clips and "Like" things with a giant blue thumbs-up.

Chicago police convicts felon with help of face recognition software

Big Brother is watching: Chicago police was able to convict a repeated felon with the help of NEC's face recognition software, NeoFace. The system automatically matched surveillance camera footage with a prior mugshot.

Nova flash accessory brings untethered lighting to iPhone

Photography is all about lighting, but the built-in LED flash in smartphones doesn't exactly help create the most pleasing images. The external Nova flash is a wireless iPhone accessory that lets you get creative with lighting.

BMW, GoPro let you record your on-road antics

BMW and GoPro team up to allow drivers to record their on-road adventures – all through the in-dash iDrive unit. While not as comprehensive as the Stingray PDR, the new feature is far more accessible.