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This photographer is on an Instagram-hunt for Pantone colors in real life

Photographer Paul Octavious scours Chicago in an effort to find 100 colors in real life that match his Pantone color postcards.

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Sony Cyber-shot RX1 Review

An expensive and glorified point-and-shoot it may be, but the full-frame Sony RX1 backs it up with DSLR-like image quality and a fixed Carl Zeiss f/2.0 35mm lens.

  • Pros: Full-frame, 24.3-megapixel sensor , Wonderful stills…
  • Cons: Battery life somewhat limited; Sony should supply an in-wall…

Samsung launches Galaxy S4 Zoom, with 16MP camera and 10x zoom (Video added)

Samsung has announced the Galaxy S4 Zoom, the third spin-off device from its flagship Galaxy S4. This time it's aimed at the photography fan, as it has a 16-megapixel camera with a 10x optical zoom.


Facebook and Instagram took the photo album out back and shot it

Why pay money to get prints when the world is all about digital images? Apparently that's the question everyone is answering, with a resounding "yeah, why would we?"

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DT Deals: Learn how to make a product demo video without going broke

You may think you have the next big thing cooking up in your home, but it won't go anywhere without a good viral product video to show to the world. Today's DT Deals will prepare you for just that.

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Sigma impresses us twice with the fastest zoom lens that costs only $799

Sigma stunned us in April by announcing the fastest zoom lens. The company does it again by revealing a price of only $799 for the 18-35mm f/18 DC HSM, trumping the competition in both speed and cost.


Rumor: Could Samsung’s June 20 event see an unveiling of this Android camera?

Images of what is supposedly Samsung's next Android camera has been leaked by a Vietnamese website. Could the Galaxy NX mirrorless camera make an appearance at Samsung's big London event next week?


Nokia to hold July 11 event, will reinvent the zoom using PureView camera tech

Nokia has called a press conference for July 11, where it's expected to launch the device we know as the EOS, which should bring PureView camera technology to its Windows Phone range.


An SLR for $35? Yes, it’s real, but it’s also not what you had in mind

Lomography has introduced an SLR camera with an interchangeable lens. Before you get your hopes up, however, realize that it's an analog film camera you put together. The upside? It really works.


Instagram photos too one dimensional? Add soundtracks to your images with these apps

Fact: Music and photography are both universally enjoyed by many. Here's a list of apps you can try to make it easier to manage these two obsessions.

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Leica stops teasing us with new ‘Mini M,’ reveals the X Vario with 28-70mm zoom lens

After teasing us for weeks about a new product dubbed the "Mini M," Leica took the wraps off its newest camera, the X Vario. While it shares many design traits with the Leica M, the specs suggests anything but.


Samsung grows NX lens lineup with 10mm f/3.5 fisheye lens, ‘smallest on the market’

Giving photographers a wider field of view, Samsung expands its NX System of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras with a 10mm f/3.5 fisheye, pushing the total of available lenses to 13.


Lightroom 5: Adobe releases latest version of its image management and editing software

Adobe has just released the latest version of its image management and editing software. Lightroom 5 brings with it a bunch of new features including an advanced healing brush, a perspective-adjusting 'upright' tool and a radial gradient feature.


Is Olympus and Fujifilm calling it quits on budget cams a death knell for the basic point-and-shoot?

As more and more users embrace smartphones for casual photography, Olympus and Fujifilm have signaled they will exit the low-end sector and concentrate on higher-end cameras. Is this the beginning of the end for the basic point-and-shoot camera?