Stocksy is changing the stock photo game by focusing on its photographers

As a digital cooperative, Stocksy is changing the stock photo game by paying bigger royalties and sharing profits with its photographers. It also prides itself on the unique quality its photos, which veer from the typical "stock photo…

Jackie Kennedy’s personal photo gear up for sale on eBay

Former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy was once a photographer. Now, you can pick up some of her personal photo gear, including a Leicaflex SL SLR camera, thanks to eBay seller jgautographs.

Gravity helped the Hubble telescope shoot this mesmerizing deep space photo

The Hubble Space Telescope recently shot photos of the deepest views in space using something almost as simple as gravity. Galaxy Abell S1063 is so large, it creates a magnifying effect of the galaxies behind it.

'Jason Bourne' car chase scene is equally exciting behind the scenes

What’s more exciting than a car chase scene? Apparently, the process of filming one. This short, behind-the-scenes video from the upcoming 'Jason Bourne' movie may make you jump more than the actual finished scene will, itself.

Studio Neat’s upgraded Glif tripod mount for smartphones gets quick-release lever

New and completely redesigned from the ground up, the Glif tripod mount will securely hold your iPhone or other smartphone in landscape or portrait mode. It includes a quick-release lever, and has ¼ 20” mounting points.

Expedia acquires travel photography platform Trover as shopping spree continues

Online travel giant Expedia has announced the acquisition of Trover, an online platform designed to let travelers share their photos with people around the world. Financial details of the acquisition remain unknown.

Blincam brings the blink-to-shoot feature to a regular pair of glasses

A Japanese crowdfunding project is looking to bring the blink-to-shoot feature to a pair of plain glasses. While it's too early to tell if it will solve the issues raised by other blink cameras, the Blincam has grabbed the…

New advance in 3D graphics may make the next Avengers movie look even more realistic

Light reflecting off detailed virtual surfaces like metal and water can now be quickly rendered thanks to researchers at the University of California San Diego. This advance could mean a major leap forward in cinema-quality computer…

Slik unveils new tripods with LED light in both carbon fiber and aluminum

With night landscape photographers in mind, Slik's newest tripods feature integrated LED flashlights and compact, lightweight designs. Three aluminum and two carbon fiber models cover a range in maximum height from 40 inches to 70 inches.

Update your Apple devices now – new Stagefright-style hack discovered

A Stagefright-like exploit in older versions of Apple's iOS and OS X could let nefarious programmers commandeer your devices for denial-of-service attacks, theft of personal information, and more.

Phottix Odin II brings wireless high-speed sync flash to Sony shooters

The latest flash trigger from Phottix is now available for Sony shooters, bringing with it high-speed sync and through-the-lens capabilities. While the Odin II isn't the only off-brand flash trigger for Sony, the HSS and TTL are…

How to shoot and edit the best slow-motion video you’ve ever made

One way that you can take your slow-motion video skills to the next level is by introducing controlled motion into the shot. Expert Caleb Pike shows how to shoot and edit it, and it's so much simpler than you think.