So long, green! This camcorder has full-color night vision

The KC-2000 is a camcorder that captures nighttime and low-light video in full color, allowing for better image quality with details and color accuracy. The camcorder, which also shoots still photos, is ideal for surveillance, law…

Nikon sees slower growth in camera sales, U.S. market a challenge for mirrorless

Executives at Nikon say sales of compact cameras are down, but surprisingly interchangeable lens cameras like DSLRs and mirrorless models are, too. But the picture is different from region to region, the company says.

Update: No manipulation in World Press Photo of the Year, but controversies still ensue

The 57th World Press Photo of the Year was recently announced. An international jury selected "Signal" from American photographer John Stanmeyer, which shows African migrants searching for a cell phone signal before heading abroad.

Draw these white lines in an animated GIF, and it will blow through your mind

By simply adding two vertical white lines within an animated GIF, you can create moving images that seemingly pop out toward you. The 3D trick works because of how our brains interpret a foreground object when it moves in front of those…
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HISY remote shutter should help you snap the perfect selfie

If you're a prolific snapper of selfies whose attempts at self-portraiture often leave you feeling frustrated and disappointed, the HISY remote shutter may be able to help you out.

To shoot extreme sports like Lucas Gilman does, be prepared to get scared

As a prominent photographer covering the world of extreme sports, Lucas Gilman will scale waterfalls and mountains, and endure unpredictable weather to get the perfect shot. We spoke with him on how he does it.
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Motrr Galileo Review

Motrr Galileo review.
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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 Review

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 review.

iPhone: Sony reportedly to provide sensor for improved front-facing camera

It looks like Apple is gearing up to show a little love to the iPhone's front-facing camera after a report Wednesday claimed it's in talks with Sony to provide high-performance sensors for a future iteration of its handset.