Social Media

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom gets to hang out with the Pope

Eric Schmidt's met the Pope. And so has Tim Cook. Over the weekend it was Kevin Systrom's turn, with the Instagram CEO taking the opportunity to chat with the leader of the Catholic Church about the "the power of images to unite people"…

Well-traveled enough to know a location on sight? Well, Google is

Well-traveled enough to know a location on sight? Well, Google is. After years of depending upon geotags in order to determine where in the world you snapped that stunning shot, the latest AI can recognize places "on sight."
Cool Tech

This reusable sanitizer uses UV light to murder odor-causing microbes living in your shoes

The UV Pro Shoe Sanitizer is a sterilizing solution for your sweaty kicks. The devices uses UVC lighting to kill almost 100% of bacteria and fungus that can cause skin issues, infections, and that terrible smell.

Shoot smooth panoramic videos with Polaroid’s Eyeball Head gadget

Polaroid has a handy gadget for shooting smooth 360-degree panoramic photos and videos. The Eyeball Head works with most compact cameras and camcorders, and is controlled via a remote.

Artist’s collection of bizarre Street View glitches might actually spook you out

A guy without a head taking a selfie. A man with an arm coming out of his face. A two-headed dog. These are just a few of the eerie images found on Street View by artist Kyle Williams, who noticed how image-stitching software sometimes…

Huawei and Leica are working together to create better cameras for you

A new partnership between Huawei and Leica may be taking mobile photography to the next level. On Thursday, the Chinese cellphone manufacturer and the German camera brand announced a groundbreaking collaboration for better cameras.

Shutterstock’s 2016 Oscars pop-art posters share theme of endurance

Shutterstock's team created pop-art posters for 2016 Academy Awards Best Picture nominees. The posters share similar themes with the movies, including endurance and exceeding limits.

Pinterest adds movie and recipe data to pins in time for the Oscars

For Pinterest users who have become frustrated with clicking around for recipe and movie information, Pinterest has added new rich data to its recipe and movie pins. The new data provides much of the information directly on the pin.

MasterCard will soon let you pay for stuff by taking a selfie

MasterCard's bringing "selfie pay" to more countries through an update to its identity check app. Soon, users will be able to authenticate payments by snapping a photo of themselves.