Fujifilm unveils firmware updates for 19 cameras and lenses in its X Series

Fujifilm reaffirmed its commitment to constant improvement by announcing firmware updates for 19 X Series cameras and lenses, including updates for some of its most popular products like the X-Pro2 and 35mm F/2 R WR.

Netflix wants to send one lucky Instagrammer to the world's top restaurants

Addicted to snapping #foodporn? Netflix is looking for an official Instagrammer to send to six of the world's best restaurants to shoot (and eat) the top dishes featured in season two of Chef's Table.

Got accessories? Think Tank’s new drone backpack makes room for them

While most drone cases don't leave much room for extras, the latest Helipak from Think Tank accommodates both a 17-inch laptop and a tablet, plus plenty of other flying and shooting gear.

YouTuber captures bullet whacking five light bulbs at 62,000 frames per second

If there is one thing that we might all agree on, it is that slow motion makes everything better. Especially in the case of this absolutely incredible footage of five light bulbs exploding as a bullet flies through them at…

WhiteWall aims to be the one-stop shop for high-end gallery exhibitions

The Germany-based photo lab is putting its museum and gallery production expertise to use by offering free consultation to artists and photographers. WhiteWall handles all aspects of production, from planning and designing to…

Snapchat’s live music deal promises to deliver the best festival footage

Snapchat has partnered with AEG Live to provide coverage from some of its biggest music festivals in the form of Live Stories. The footage will include a mixture of behind-the-scenes, and community-sourced clips from the events.

Nikon announces ‘Game of Thrones’ photographer as its latest ambassador

Nikon has announced the latest additions to its professional ambassador program this week. Headlining the list of new additions is the principal photographer for the hit HBO series Game of Thrones, Helen Sloan.

Ricoh’s K-70 is a weatherproof DSLR that shoots ultra-high-resolution photos

Looking to the advanced enthusiast, the weather-sealed K-70 incorporates features from the full-frame K-1, including Pixel Shift Resolution and a simulated anti-aliasing filter. But the most enticing feature may be its price.

Woman’s scheme to get drone pilot in trouble backfires, thanks to GoPro footage

A woman retrieves a fallen drone and creates an exaggerated story about being almost hit, before calling the police. Her story quickly fell apart after footage from the drone's still-recording GoPro proved otherwise.

Adobe Lightroom update makes it easier to straighten lopsided buildings in photos

Adobe's latest Lightroom update adds a new Guided Upright tool to better straighten images that are difficult to correct automatically. The accompanying Camera Raw update includes support for several new cameras.
Virtual Reality

See all of NYC in this 360-degree VR photo captured from atop One World Trade Center

For its The New York Issue, The New York Times teamed up with National Geographic photographer Jimmy Chin to capture the view of New York City from the top spire atop One World Trade Center.
Product Review

HEXO+ autonomous drone Review

The Hexo+ is designed to follow you, but we wish it would just fly away.