Apple revamps photo management app for Mac, here’s what’s new

Among the features in the latest update to Mac OS X is a photo-management software, simply called Photos. The application replaces iPhoto and Aperture, but combines the features from both.

Like Tinder for art, this gesture-sensing frame lets you swipe through images

Not feeling that Neo-impressionist mural that's in your living room? Just swipe right until you find something that suits your mood. Meural is like Tinder meets Minority Report, for art connoisseurs

Watch this man propose to his girlfriend with a VR headset

See how this man used a Google Cardboard virtual reality headset to help make an amazing, and very memorable, marriage proposal. The whole event was captured on video, and shared for the world to enjoy.

Snapchat update introduces new emoji system and camera enhancements

Snapchat has updated its app with several new features, including emojis to mark your closest friends and reminders of who needs some love, turning interaction with friends into a virtual sport.

Forget the Vaseline, Lensbaby's Velvet 56 lens makes everything gorgeous

If you're willing to be patient and try different settings, the results from Lensbaby's new Velvet lens can be stunning. The fully manual glass is compatible with DSLRs from Canon, Nikon, Pentax, and Sony, and mirrorless models in the…

Fade and Color tools come to Instagram’s Android app

Facebook-owned Instagram announced the addition of Face and Color editing effects for its Android and iOS apps. The new features come shortly after the launch of Instagram's first filter additions in years.

Now even Nikon is getting into the selfie-stick game

Apparently seeing a gap in the market, Nikon has launched its very own selfie stick aimed at users of its range of compact Coolpix cameras. But with no built-in remote shutter capability, and a hefty $60 price tag, will there be any takers?…

What’s that slot in the picture frame for? You put your iPad in there, of course

Do you have an old, unused iPad lying around? The iSotta Frame lets you slide in any iPad to convert it from an analog photo frame into a digital one. The frame, now on Kickstarter, comes in various materials and colors.

Dinky may be its name, but there’s nothing trivial about this smartphone tripod

The Dinky Connector Pocket Tripod is a small smartphone accessory that can be used as a tripod, easel, or charging cable. Included adapters let you attach a point-and-shoot camera or action cam.

Photojojo’s cheeky app turns iPhones into disposable cameras you keep

Photojojo, purveyor of fun photography gear, launches a new iPhone app that mimics a disposable camera. Each virtual camera roll has 27 shots that you can't preview or edit, and are automatically sent for "processing."

Get a drone’s-eye view of Apple’s sprawling new ‘spaceship’ campus

Work on Apple's so-called 'spaceship' campus in Cupertino appears to be progressing at speed. New drone footage taken at the site shows buildings starting to spring up as the new headquarters prepares to accept workers next year.