NASA beams down duet of video firsts from the ISS in outer space

NASA utilizes a laser instrument to transmit the first HD video from space, while astronaut Reid Wiseman becomes the first to capture a Vine from space. Check out these two video "firsts," and Wiseman's fantastic images.

First demo footage shows off iOS 8’s new time-lapse function

In Apple's upcoming iOS 8 mobile operating system, the Photos app will include a new functionality that records time-lapse videos. A first demo video shows off the new feature, and it looks solid.

MobileOCT uses a 3D printed case to turn smartphones into cancer screening devices

MobileOCT is a self-described “point-of-care diagnostics company” based in Tel Aviv, Israel, which has developed a smartphone accessory that leverages a mobile phone’s camera to detect cancer.
Product Review

Sony FDR-AX100 Review

Sony FDR-AX100 review.

Olympus patents hint at Google Glass-like device with dual viewfinders

Olympus just patented a Google Glass-like wearable device with dual display. Could we use such a device as our camera's viewfinder in the future, or will it remain in the concept stage?

Canon launches cloud-based ‘Irista’, a place to manage your photos

If you still haven't got around to organizing your photos and your hard drive is bursting at the seams, Canon is hoping you might take its new cloud-based storage service for a spin. Called 'iris', the new tool has been built with the…

Panasonic taps Brazilian soccer star Neymar to demo wearable 4K camcorder

To demo what its HX-A100 4K camcorder can do, Panasonic enlisted the help of Brazilian soccer star Neymar. The camera captured Neymar's fancy footwork in scoring goals.

Add armed robbery to the list of things a GoPro camera can capture

A bike rider's trip through the Cape Town area in South Africa was interrupted when he is held up at gunpoint. The robbers, however, were unaware their actions were being recorded by the GoPro camera on the biker's helmet.

Archive Eye is a wearable life-logging camera that comes with designer bag

The Archive Eye is a wearable camera that comes with its own, custom-designed leather pouch. The camera-and-bag is a collaboration between life-logging camera maker Autographer and fashion designer Lulu Guinness.

Tinder adds ‘Moments’ photo-sharing feature that disappears after 24 hours

Tinder added a new photo-sharing feature called "Moments" to help users connect more easily with suitable matches. The photos self-destruct 24 hours after they have been sent, just like those sent on Snapchat.

Adobe update adds Raw support for 6 new cameras, lens profiles

Adobe Camera Raw 8.5 plug-in adds support for 6 new cameras. The update also includes new lens profiles, bug fixes, and extra features for Photoshop CC users. Lightroom users, however, will have to wait.