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18 questions you need to ask yourself before uploading that photo

Photo-sharing is one of the greatest things that's happened to the Web - but before you post, ask yourself these questions and keep from embarrassing yourself and alienating others.

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InstaFeed wants to turn Instagram creators into Instagram curators

Instagram-curation app InstaFeed launches with a mission: to turn picture-takers into picture-collectors.

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Getting Giphy with it: Your guide to the best GIF search service around

Animated GIFs are the perfect, amazing medium of the masses – even if you (like me) refuse to accept that it’s pronounced with a soft G. Is your website looking bland? Throw a GIF on it! Don’t know how to make yourself look casual in an…

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Improvements to Canon’s EOS M camera on their way, thanks to new lens and firmware

In Europe, Canon has announced a new 11-22mm lens for the EOS M that offers great image quality, the company claims. Also, a firmware update promises faster autofocusing speeds. No word, yet, if the lens will make it stateside.


How 3D scanners are leaving the workshop and capturing life from all angles

What once cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and required hours of manpower, the Artec Eva 3D scanner has turned the task of digitizing objects and people into a simple, affordable procedure.


Google rolls out Glass camera update bringing improved low-light capability, HDR and captions

Google on Tuesday rolled out a software update for Glass's camera, bringing with it HDR functionality, improved low-light capability and the option to add captions to images.

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Could iPhones replace news photographers? The Chicago Sun-Times thinks so

In a move of epic proportions, the Chicago Sun-Times has laid off its staff of full-time photographers in favor of freelance photographers and reporters armed with iPhones. The Sun-Times says the move is in part of a growing need for video content.


Leica teases with new Mini M mystery camera, expect a June 11 unveil and a high price

Details are scant, but Leica revealed on their website that a new product called the Mini M will debut on June 11. As for what it is, your guess is as good as ours, except we know it'll be expensive.


Eye-Fi launches Mobi SD card offering wireless image transfer from camera to phone or tablet

Eye-Fi has just launched the Mobi SD card. Cheaper than the high-end Pro X2 card though with fewer features, Mobi allows for the wireless transfer of images from a camera to any iOS or Android mobile device.


Vine hits Android, so now everyone you know can make looping videos

Vine isn't just an Apple thing anymore - it's now available for Android users. The Android-friendly version also includes a slew of unique features ... but is missing some of what the iOS Vine has to offer.

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New CompactFlash card uses RAID-like data mirroring to protect against memory failure

A new CompactFlash memory card from a Japanese company, Amulet, uses RAID-like mirroring to duplicate the data stored, helping to prevent data loss should the main memory card partition fail.


9 travel photo tips for capturing the best images to satisfy your inner wanderlust

Planning a trip to an exotic locale? Make sure you have a good camera in tow to capture those beautiful spots. Here are 9 travel photo tips to help you take the best photographs.


More than an app: ‘Instagram is’ explores the community beneath the photos

We go inside and talk to director Paul Tellefsen about his Instagram documentary and how he and the film's Instagrammers feel about the app and how it's affected their lives.

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Everything you need to know about your favorite day: Throwback Thursday (er, #tbt)

It's here! It's here! It's Thursday, and you know what that means: #Tbt time. Before you go Instagramming those photos of four year old you, check out our complete guide to all things Throwback Thursday.

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HP Envy 120 Review

Resembling more like a home entertainment console than a printer, HP’s Envy 120 all-in-one is a stunner in the looks department, but has issues in print quality and…

  • Pros: Great design , Wireless connectivity in addition to USB…
  • Cons: Small capacity paper tray , No individual color cartridges…