‘Fight Club’ author Chuck Palahniuk has a new film coming thanks to Kickstarter

Two independent filmmakers teamed up with author Chuck Palahniuk to bring his novel Lullaby to the big screen. After raising more than $330,000 on Kickstarter, the film could enter production as early as October.
Cool Tech

Meet Scubo: the ridiculously agile robotic sub that’s helping scientists explore the ocean

In addition to six high-def webcams, the waterproof robot allows its human users to link up a VR headset to take a virtual reality dive beneath the waves: perfect for a bit of marine wildlife-spotting without getting your hair wet in the…
Social Media

French terrorist attack aftermath broadcast on Facebook Live

The moments following a terror attack in France were broadcast live on Facebook Monday evening, and the social media platform was also used to make threats against the Euro 2016 football championship currently taking place in France.

Easily stabilize and export your Live Photos with Google's new photo app

Apple might have created Live Photos, but Google is out to perfect the art of editing and sharing the images. This new app stabilizes and converts the hybrid image format for easy sharing across platforms.

An insane racing fan tried to film dune buggies flying over his head

If there's one way you should never take photos of any racing event, it's this. Lucky to still be alive, this gentleman thought it would be smart to crouch below a small jump and capture dune buggies flying inches above his head.

Your wedding day, from the photographer’s perspective

What does a wedding look like from the camera’s perspective? Take a peek behind the curtain of this wedding from New Jersey based photographer Tom Harmon, showing you what the camera sees while you are busy getting hitched.

Cut out the middleman: Send images directly to Google Photos from your Sony camera

Transferring photos from your camera can be a pain, but the new third-party STG Uploader app allows Sony users to easily upload images directly from their compatible Sony cameras to Google Photos with no phone required.
Social Media

Your Snapchat stories will soon come with ad breaks

Snapchat will introduce video ads to its users' stories in conjunction with the launch of its long-awaited advertising API. The app is aggressively targeting brands as it looks to reach its $1 billion revenue target for 2017.

Beck’s brewery wants you to film your drunken antics with this 360-degree smartphone lens

German brewery Beck's has created a limited-edition beer bottle that comes with a 360-degree smartphone lens attachment for filming your boozy escapades in more degrees than you would ever want to remember them.

Apple’s iOS turns 10, brings redesigned Maps and Music, lock screen improvements 5:47

Apple has unveiled its next major update: iOS 10. It brings a host of improvements, like redesigns to Apple Music, News, and Maps. Here's everything you need to know.

Apple is stepping up its Photo game with AI in iOS 10 and MacOS Sierra

Apple hasn't been known for a clean and conducive way to capture, manage, and share photos and video on iOS. T about to change with the introduction of iOS 10, which brings along better search, facial recognition, and more.

Three years in the making, time-lapse video beautifully documents Singapore’s growth

Austrialian filmmaker Keith Loutit spent 500 days over three years compiling a time lapse of Singapore. The result is a striking story of how Singapore lives and breathes, as bewildering as it is beautiful.