Cool Tech

Watch a NASA rocket fire in slow motion, thanks to an advanced new camera 3:00

A revolutionary new video camera capable of catching extremely detailed footage is helping NASA learn more about its rocket booster technology. But as an engineer noted, it didn't all go according to plan during a recent test of…

Casio enters the 360-degree camera game in a really unique way

Casio's EX-FR200 could find a niche in the outdoor adventure market. It uses a unique, modular camera body that controls two separate lens/sensor units. It is also waterproof, freeze-proof, and impact resistant.
Cool Tech

Augmented reality comes to neurosurgery with tech developed by Leica

Augmented reality isn’t just for catching Pokémon anymore. A new technology from Leica Microsystems uses “image injection” to display virtual overlays within a surgical microscope to help guide a neurosurgeon’s hands.

How to make eyes shine with 3 simple steps in Photoshop

It's been said that the eyes are the mirrors of the soul. In his latest tutorial, photographer and Photoshop guru Glyn Dewis shares how you can bring out the detail in a subject's eyes with three simple steps.

Need a frozen lake for a photo shoot? Here's how to fake it using real ice

Commercial photographer Adrian Mueller simulated a frozen lake using real ice inside his studio to capture the essence of Maker's 46 bourbon, which is only finished during the winter months.

Is your A6300 overheating? Sony’s latest firmware update may hold a solution

A new firmware launched today for the Sony A6300 may possibly hold a solution to widely reported camera overheating issues, noting improved stability in picture shooting mode by optimizing temperature control.

Kim Kardashian has designed two LuMee iPhone cases

LuMee has announced a set of new iPhone cases, both of which were designed by none other than Kim Kardashian herself. While somewhat tacky, the cases should help you improve your selfie game thanks to the LED lights built in to the case.
Social Media

Snapchat-style selfie filters being tested during Olympics may be coming to Facebook

Facebook users in Brazil and Canada will see a new option when they open the app starting Friday. The social media giant is testing a Snapchat-like selfie camera that automatically turns on when a user begins a status update from…

Foto Nouveau watches are inspired by Leica and Hasselblad camera designs

Getty Images Art Director William Bon has officially launched Foto Nouveau, a trifecta of mechanical watches that are inspired by the viewfinders and lenses of the world’s most respected cameras.

Kipon’s new adapters give a medium-format look to Sony A7 cameras

Kipon is making some waves with its new line of Baveyes Hasselblad-to-Sony E focal-reducing adapter, which allows Sony full-frame mirrorless camera to use medium-format lenses.

Ikea pokes fun at Instagram food porn obsession in new ad

For rather obvious reasons, Instagram wasn’t around in the 18th century. If it were though, this is likely what it would look like, complete with painter, horse-drawn carriage and a butler to present your 'likes.'
Product Review

Samsung Gear 360 Review

Stop playing in VR and start creating it with Samsung's Gear 360