New Sun-Sniper Rotaball camera straps can support more weight than you’ll want to carry

Photographers in search of a strap as high tech as their camera need look no further than than the new Rotaball straps from Germany-based Sun-Sniper. With their unique ball-bearing connector, the straps are made for cameras up to 11 pounds.

There must be 50 ways to use your gaffer tape, and this video shows them all

Gaffers tape is considered one of the most versatile tools for photographers. This hilarious parady shows you 50 ways to solve common problems with gaffers tape from makeshift band-aids to model directions.

Camera bugs: Photographer’s gear eaten by leaf-cutter ants in the Amazon Rainforest

While attempting to capture a photo of a jaguar in the Amazon Rainforest, photographer Phil Torres' camera setup was destroyed by leaf-cutter ants, who ate his camera equipment piece by piece.

St Giles hotel guests to get first crack at the Samsung Gear 360 camera

St Giles Hotels is the latest company in the travel industry to use virtual reality in its marketing, but it's putting content creation in the hands of guests, by way of the new Samsung Galaxy Gear 360 camera.

Canon patent further teases possibility of a full-frame mirrorless camera

The rumors have been around for quite some time, but a new Canon patent showing off a 30mm f/2.8 DO lens further establishes the possibility of Canon creating a full-frame mirrorless camera.

Watch the year’s best drone footage — in just 2.5 minutes

Addicted to amazing drone footage? This montage from the New York City Drone Film Festival will curb your craving with amazing ariel videos.

Nikon and Disney team up to help guests improve their vacation photos

Disney and Nikon, the official camera of its U.S. parks, have teamed up on Unforgettable Memories, photography tips for preserving "every magical moment of your Walt Disney World Vacation."

Discover something new with Blippar’s latest app redesign

Blippar, the augmented reality visual search app has just launched a redesign of its interface, adding bubble layers, which it says refocuses the app on discovery over simple identification.

CPL filters: What they are and how to use them effectively

The Circular Polarizer, or CPL, is one filter that still has a clear use in digital age photography, and has a very noticeable effect on an image created with it. Here is what they are and how to use them.
Social Media

Facebook launches video comments to make your interactions even more immersive

Facebook users can now share video comments on posts from friends, pages, groups, and events. Having successfully tested the update on a small group of people, the immersive feature is now available worldwide.

Get great underwater footage with TomTom's new Bandit Action Cam software

The new Underwater Scene Mode is TomTom’s latest move toward providing an all-in-one solution for action videographers. When enabled, the Bandit automatically color-corrects footage, improving color and clarity.
Cool Tech

Haunting infrared footage of Las Vegas was made with a modified Sony RX100 IV

Filmmaker Philip Bloom used a modified Sony RX100 IV to create an experimental infrared video while driving around Las Vegas. Using the camera's advanced 250fps slow-motion capabilities, the short film grants an otherworldly…