Olympus just made shooting underwater selfies easy with TG-850 rugged camera

The new Olympus Stylus Tough TG-850 has a 180-degree tilting LCD that makes it easy to shoot self-portraits in all types of conditions, even underwater. The camera also boasts the widest-angle lens in a compact camera.
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Twitter refocuses on Instagram, adds photo-tagging to Android app

Twitter released an update for its Android app that gives users new photo-editing tools. This update is meant to help the platform compete with Instagram...but it's not a big-enough change.

Mars Rover Opportunity still rolling 10 years on, sends selfie back to Earth to prove it

Ten years ago, the Mars Rover Opportunity landed on Mars to study the planet. It's still roaming the Martian planet, and it sent back to Earth a 360-degree panorama of itself during its anniversary.

JPEG’s governing body puts out new version, with 12-bit color and lossless compression

The Independent JPEG Group at Leipzig Institute for Applied Informatics, the group that defines the JPEG standard, just put out a new version (JPEG 9.1) of the software library. It includes support for 12-bit color, HDR, and lossless…

Falcons, lions, eagles and other curious wildlife that want to steal your camera

There are some great footage online that were unintentionally shot by animals. No, they have no developed opposable thumbs, but they recorded unique footage with cameras they inadvertently stole.

Professional photographers reach out to citizen journalists on social media

Photojournalists are helping citizen journalists navigate the confusing world of photo licensing, even though technology like smartphones and social media sites have pitted them as rivals.

Adobe rolls out major Photoshop Express redesign for Android

If you're an Android user on the lookout for a new photo app and yet to give Photoshop Express a whirl, then now may be the time. The free app, from software giant Adobe, has just received a weighty update, bringing a refreshed design and…