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Justin Bieber’s gratuitous photo shows Instagram’s ‘no nudity’ policy is broken

How much bare skin can one show before it violates Instagram's strict "no nudity" policy? Justin Bieber was able to get away with a full backside photo, so why didn't the social network enforce its rules?
Product Review

Nikon 1 J5 Review

Nikon makes a mirrorless camera comeback with the impressive J5

More trouble for Nikon’s D750 DSLR as company reveals shutter issue

Six months after dealing with a flare issue on its D750 DSLR, Nikon has now issued a service advisory warning of a problem with the shutter on a number of units that's causing shading to appear on some images.

Google Glass wants you to feel magical by taking photos using finger frames

Google recently filed and was awarded a patent for finger framing, which will literally allow you to take pictures of what you frame with your thumb and index fingers of each hand.

PSA: Selfies can kill, Russia says, so make sure you’re only taking ‘safe selfies’

If you thought selfies were just innocuous self-portraits taken in a bathroom mirror or with a selfie stick, think again. Selfies can kill. Russia recently launched a "safe selfie" campaign to combat selfie-related injuries and deaths.

This is the app you’re looking for: Take selfies with Darth Vader in the official Star Wars app 0:42

The Force is strong with the new Star wars app. You can take selfies with Darth Vader, send fund GIFs, practice your lightsaber skills, and more. There's also news on the upcoming movie and trailer.

Kickstarter pulls IndieVice accessory due to intellectual property dispute

The IndieVice is an accessory that transforms a standard smartphone into a pro-like camera for filmmaking. It lets you attach lenses, as well as accessories like lights, microphones, and stabilizers.

Your Instagram pics are about to look a whole lot better with 1080-pixel resolution

Instagram finally supports higher-resolution images of 1080 x 1080 pixels. Previously, the app only allows 640 x 640-pixel resolution images, even though smartphone cameras now have higher-resolution screens and cameras.

Sydney Opera House latest to join anti-selfie-stick brigade

An increasing number of tourist sites and venues around the world are cracking down on the selfie stick, with officials at the Sydney Opera House the latest to make its feelings known regarding use of the extendable pole.