How to share photos on Android (and our favorite apps to use)

We take our smartphones with us everywhere now, and they’re perfect for capturing those precious spontaneous shots. In this guide, we delve into the best ways to back up and share those photos with family and friends.

Taylor Swift called out as a hypocrite following her demand that Apple pay artists

After Taylor Swift's recent open letter inspired a change to Apple Music's policy, a photographer wrote her accusing her of applying a double standard. Her camp has been far less receptive to the complaints than Apple was to hers.

Photoshop has a new interface just for app designers

If you design user interfaces for applications in Photoshop, this year's release could make it much easier. In the 2015 build, Adobe is bundling in its new "Design Space," a tweaked user interface and tool system, built in HTML 5.

Alinea Project is one man’s attempt to recreate a restaurant’s culinary brilliance

After being blown away by his meal at Alinea, one of the world's most creative restaurants, Allen Hemberger attempted to re-create the recipes from the restaurant's cookbook. The Alinea Project, a blog and book, documents Hemberger's…

Smartphone flash too harsh? The iBlazr 2 lets you adjust color temperature

The makers of the iBlazr smartphone flash accessory have created a new and improved version, the iBlazr 2. It uses Bluetooth for wireless operation, and the color temperature can be adjusted for more pleasing illumination.
Product Review

Brother MFC-J5520DW Review

This Brother printer’s Business Smarts will boost your home’s IQ too.

This is the photo you’re looking for: PicJoy organizes your camera roll with autotags

Do you take a ton of photos on your iPhone, but you can never find your favorite photos? PicJoy is a new app that instantly organizes all of your photos and will help you find them.

Samsung wants to stick giant video screens on the back of semi trucks

Samsung has used its technology to build a 'Safety Truck' that it says can reduce road deaths caused by careless overtaking. The back of the vehicle would display a live view from the front, allowing trailing drivers to see more…
Social Media

Myspace founder Tom Anderson’s two-year-old selfie is just now getting attention

Tom Anderson posted a selfie captioned "I am behind on processing photos! In other news, I think Japanese sushi is good for my skin :-)." In a classic case of delayed virality, the now 2-year-old selfie is just now getting Internet…

Get away without getting up: 9 gorgeous travel sites for the armchair globetrotter

If you’re aching to travel but can’t get away, head to the Web and check out our favorite sites for getting out and getting lost.

European regulators block Facebook’s Moments app due to privacy concerns

Facebook isn't offering its new "Moments" app in Europe due to facial recognition concerns. European regulators want an opt-in option, but Facebook has no timeline to implement such a feature.