The incredible underlying technology of Snapchat’s selfie lenses

Snapchat’s selfie lenses, more commonly referred to as filters, are fun, ridiculous, and good for a cheap laugh. But for a feature that exists as little more than a gimmick, there’s a surprising amount of underlying technology powering…

Made for astronomers, this weather forecast is perfect for photographers, too

Looking to nail that golden hour shot or capture the glow of the Milky Way on a clear night? Look to Clear Dark Sky for your weather forecast. It's designed for astronomers, but happens to be equally useful for photographers.

This new bokeh-friendly lens is ideal for artists

Meyer-Optik, the same company behind those Trioplan soap-bubble bokeh lens Kickstarter campaigns that Digital Trends has featured, today announced a new Trimagon F2.6/95 portrait lens.

Learn to shoot and edit time-lapse video like a pro

Have you ever wanted to know how to make a time-lapse video? Truth be told, it is not an incredibly complicated process to shoot and edit a time lapse -– but there is more to it than you might think.

Olloclip’s addition for Otterbox’s modular case easily switches between 4 lenses 5:01

Olloclip was at CE Week 2016 this year, and we stopped by to take a look at its new 4-in-1 lens designed for Otterbox's modular Universe Case. Snap it on and you get four different lenses to switch through.

Sigma rumored to soon announce a new lineup of cinema lenses

A new tip suggests Sigma might soon release a new lineup of cinema lenses before Photokina 2016. This would be the Japanese lens manufacturer’s first lineup of cinema-specific lenses.

Hasselblad CEO: Zoom lenses are coming for X1D medium-format camera

Hasselblad's CEO has stepped in to quell the rumor that the new X1D mirrorless medium-format camera would not get native zoom lenses. Although he offered no hints as to what zoom lenses were planned, he did confirm none would be announced…

Eyefi issues ‘end of life’ statement for its older Wi-Fi cards due to outdated tech

Eyefi recently let its longtime customers know that they would have to upgrade or be left behind. The company is ending support for its older SD cards that use outdated technology, hoping to move users to its new Mobi cards.

GoPro rebrands Kolor software, beta tests VR viewer upgrade

With the 360 GoPro Omnus release looming, GoPro is beta testing a new version of a VR viewer. The program is a direct result of the company's acquisition of Kolor, and looks to offer a simple, free way to view VR.

A new tool could dramatically change selfie editing

Could a new software program rescue bad selfies? A research group from the University of Hong Kong and Adobe recently taught a computer to automatically clip out portraits by watching actual people clip 1,800 photos.

Is turnabout fair play? GoPro is now suing the makers of the older Polaroid Cube

After the makers of the Polaroid Cube sued GoPro last year, the action camera giant is turning the tables, saying it's the Cube who copied their design. This time, though, it's not the camera in question, but the software and case.
Social Media

Today, we’re celebrating Social Media Day, otherwise known as Thursday

On a day that will literally be just like any other day, today, we are celebrating Social Media Day. First established in 2010, the day is meant to "highlight the ways digital culture has revolutionized how we communicate."