Social Media

Snapchat-style selfie filters being tested during Olympics may be coming to Facebook

Facebook users in Brazil and Canada will see a new option when they open the app starting Friday. The social media giant is testing a Snapchat-like selfie camera that automatically turns on when a user begins a status update from…

Foto Nouveau watches are inspired by Leica and Hasselblad camera designs

Getty Images Art Director William Bon has officially launched Foto Nouveau, a trifecta of mechanical watches that are inspired by the viewfinders and lenses of the world’s most respected cameras.

Kipon’s new adapters give a medium-format look to Sony A7 cameras

Kipon is making some waves with its new line of Baveyes Hasselblad-to-Sony E focal-reducing adapter, which allows Sony full-frame mirrorless camera to use medium-format lenses.

Ikea pokes fun at Instagram food porn obsession in new ad

For rather obvious reasons, Instagram wasn’t around in the 18th century. If it were though, this is likely what it would look like, complete with painter, horse-drawn carriage and a butler to present your 'likes.'
Product Review

Samsung Gear 360 Review

Stop playing in VR and start creating it with Samsung's Gear 360

Automatically create interactive moments of your travel photos with Tripstr

“You take photos, Tripstr does the rest.” That’s the tagline for Tripstr, an iOS app and accompany web app that creatively curates photos from your vacations and presents them in an interactive publication.

Hang Povie around your neck and turn your phone into a POV camera for $50

Photography accessory manufacturer Edelkrone has released an unusual new product that turns any smartphone into a POV camera. Povie can be attached to your neck. It might look a bit ridiculous, but it's hard to argue with the results.

Even the nosebleed seats seem close with our favorite megazoom cameras

Go ahead, get closer. These five cameras offer plenty of zoom, and since they're DSLR-like bridge cameras, they also offer manual modes, 4K capabilities, and a wealth of other useful features that lets you to step up your photography game.
Cool Tech

Welcome to Area 404, the hardware lab where Facebook is building the future

Facebook is offering the first extensive look inside its huge new hardware lab, and the state-of-the-art machinery it houses. Inside, Facebook's engineers will build everything from internet-delivering drones to VR tech.

Manfrotto Digital Director DSLR-controller now supports the iPad Pro

Manfrotto’s Digital Director for iPad received both hardware and software updates, extending native support to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and iPad Mini 4 while updating the app with several new features, including a time-lapse mode.

Someone deliberately designed the world’s worst camera app, and it’s amazing

Aestheticam is a new camera app for iOS that purposely strives to be “the worst possible camera experience for iOS.” After taking it for a spin and seeing first-hand how bad it is, we can’t help but agree. But it's also fun and…

Sony Square NYC is a gadget playpen, and a peek into the future

Sony wants you to come out and play with its latest gadgets – including a few you can’t even buy yet – at its swanky new New York City ‘Sony Square.’