Batteries not included, but CamCaddy is the one charger to rule them all

Ever wish you had just one battery charger for all the cameras you own? The CamCaddy 2 promises to charge a wide range of block batteries that are used in DSLR, mirrorless, and compact cameras, as well as video camcorders.

Re-watch your commute from the comfort of your couch with the 6 best dash cams

Dashboard cameras assist drivers in car accident disputes, speeding ticket arguments, and even catch glimpses of incoming meteors among a bevy of other convenient functions. Check out our top picks for the best dash cams currently available…

Microsoft removes Bing Image Widget after Getty Images files lawsuit

Microsoft's Bing Image Widget has been taken down after Getty Images filed a lawsuit alleging that it illegally contained photos from its library.

Selfie craze goes to people’s heads with brush that combs hair, takes photos

The Selfie Brush is the perfect tool for those conscious about the look of their hair in their selfies or any photo. The brush doubles as a smartphone case that lets you make calls while you're brushing your hair.

Wear your mirrorless camera like a revolver with Cosyspeed’s Camslinger bags

German accessory manufacturer Cosyspeed will present new bags for mirrorless cameras at this year's Photokina show, including cases that let you hold your camera like a gunslinger.

Sony’s wearable Lifelog camera moves one step closer to watching your every step

Ready to record every move you make? Sony thinks you are, and has shifted the Smart Lifelog Camera from concept to confirmed product. The tiny device will clip to your clothes, film what goes on around you, then connect with the Android…

Canadian startup promises better smartphone pictures through ‘computational optics’

The Canadian startup, Algolux, has developed software algorithms that help achieve sharper, shake-free images with smartphone cameras, without any hardware implementations.

Kuddle is an Instagram for kids, while Looksee brings photographers together

Two new photo sharing apps: Kuddle is an Instagram-like app for kids that educates about netiquette, while Looksee aims to connect photographers through anonymous sharing.

Snapping selfies made easier, thanks to the Q-PIC smartphone remote

The Q-PIC is a smartphone remote control for Android and iOS devices that makes snapping selfies easier. It doesn't require any app installation, and you can wear it around your neck or wrist.

Epson lowers price of PrecisionCore inkjet tech with new multifunction units

Epson unveiled two new lower-priced multifunction printers with the company's PrecisionCore printhead technology, offering laser-like print quality and fast speeds. Plus, a standard $99 MFP.

Olloclip goes Android with first lens accessory for Samsung Galaxy S5 and S4

Olloclip introduced a lens accessory for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and S4. Now iPhone users aren't the only ones who can take pictures with Olloclip's 4-in-1 lens attachment.