Should you shell out for an extended warranty? We ask an expert

When buying consumer electronics should you consider paying out for an extended warranty? We asked an expert about what devices, if any, are worth getting coverage for, and what you can expect for your money.

This is the first 4K, 1,000 FPS video footage taken from a drone

Get a powerful drone, rig it with a 4K digital camera, ask a professional stunt driver race large vehicles through pools of mud, and you’ve got yourself some sweet slow-motion video footage.

Watch a plane get put together in a few minutes in our favorite time-lapse videos

Ever watched a plane get assembled or repainted? Or, experienced a flight from San Francisco to Tokyo? They aren't enjoyable in real life, but these awesome time-lapse videos make the boredom of air travel actually enjoyable.

Olympus’ latest tutorial videos highlight capabilities of new OM-D E-M5 Mark II

Olympus' latest Anywhere Classroom tutorial series takes us to San Francisco, where it shows off the capabilities of the new OM-D E-M5 Mark II at capturing skateboarders and music videos. Plus, Olympus launches rewards program.

Turn your paper clutter into digital files with Microsoft’s Office Lens iOS and Android app

Microsoft continues to bring its apps to Android and iOS. The latest to make the OS jump is Office Lens, the mobile document scanner that uses your camera to digitize documents.

Snapchat blocks access to all third-party apps in bid to improve security

Snapchat has moved to make its app and associated content more secure by blocking all third-party apps from accessing its data. The change means users will find it more difficult to routinely archive images and videos received by the…
Cool Tech

National Park Service launches digital kiosk to promote 407 parks, landmarks

In advance of the National Park Service's 100th birthday, the NPS unveiled an interactive kiosk that connects people virtually with parks and monuments.
Social Media

Periscope gets less noisy and more friendly in its 1.0.1 update

Live-streaming app Periscope quickly leapfrogged over Meerkat in popularity, but wasn't without its issues. The app's first update turns off new follower notifications, makes location sharing less precise, and makes good broadcasts easier…

Short film shows off cinematic capabilities of Panasonic 4K cameras

Filmmaker Michael Grecco used three Panasonic 4K cameras to produce a video that's cinema quality. The products include an action cam and a Micro Four Thirds mirrors camera.

Learn the art of the viral video with Facebook Riff, a collaborative video creator

Facebook's latest experiment is an app called Riff that lets users create viral videos with their friends. The experimental app was inspired by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge trend that went viral over Facebook.
Product Review

Epson SureColor P600 Review

If you seek terrific coloring, Epson’s SureColor P600 delivers the hues.