What to expect from the Google event: Android M, new Nexus phones, Chromecast 2

Google's Nexus event kicks off on September 29 at 9 a.m. PST. Here's everything we expect to see, including the Huawei Nexus P, the LG Nexus 5X, Android M, Chromecast 2, Android TV, Android Auto, and more.
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The last ‘supermoon’ total eclipse for 18 years happens Sunday night

The saying goes "once in a blue moon," but red moons are pretty rare too, which is why you should probably be getting super excited for the upcoming "supermoon" total lunar eclipse happening Sunday and Monday.
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Holograms! Space! The future of travel you imagine much closer than you think

A recently conducted survey asked 1,000 Americas what they thought the future of travel might look like. The results include virtual concierges, extreme hotels, and space travel.

CyberLink’s latest photo and video editing software tout pro features with ease of use

CyberLink's latest versions of its Director photo and video editing software adds several pro features into an easy to use interface for beginners, hobbyists, and even pros. New features include action cam editing, audio sync, and "beauty"…

Remove camera shake blurs and hazy skies, edit 4K video in Adobe Elements 14

Version 14 of Adobe's consumer-level photo and video editing software, Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements, adds camera shake removal, haze removal, and support for 4K video, as well as other improvements.

Natural selection in the modern era: Selfies are more deadly than shark attacks in 2015

So far this year, a dozen people around the globe have lost their lives in selfie-related mishaps, while only eight have perished as a result of a shark attack. The lesson here? Mind your surroundings.
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Facebook intros 360-degree videos with Star Wars experience and more

Facebook has launched 360-degree videos for News Feed, giving users a more immersive experience by allowing them to explore a scene in every direction. Initial publishers include Star Wars, Discovery, and Saturday Night Live.

Full-frame fury: Comparing Canon’s 5DS R and Sony’s A7R II

We preview two of the newest and hottest full-frame, interchangeable lens cameras on the planet: the Sony Alpha A7R Mark II and the Canon EOS 5DS R. The 5DS R triumphs in resolution, but the A7R II has a few terrific extras.
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Canon PowerShot G3 X Review

Near or far, Canon's versatile G3 X lets you snap it without a DSLR
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Give your quadcopter drone thermal vision with Flir’s new Vue Pro camera

Today, Flir is bringing thermal imaging to the skies with the release of the Vue Pro: a compact infrared camera designed specifically for drones. Flir is set to launch the new camera sometime in November.
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Watch a miniature chef prepare your dinner with this 3D mapping called Le Petit Chef

While you wait for your meal, Le Petit Chef keeps you properly entertained, with an approximately two-minute-long animation of a miniature chef who climbs out of a manhole and subsequently endures a series of challenges.