Rambo the octopus loves taking pictures of visitors with a Sony camera

An octopus in a New Zealand aquarium is taking pictures of visitors with a Sony Cyber-shot camera. Sony created a video of the "octographer" in action to brag about its underwater camera.

Treat yo selfie with one of these 10 apps made to beautify your pics

Selfies might be a global phenomenon only second to karaoke, but they're not the easiest to perfect. Check out our roundup of the best smartphone apps for beautifying your self portrait, so you can whiten those teeth and refine those skin…

Adonit Forge isn’t for drawing pictures, it’s for building ideas

Adonit's first drawing app, Forge, aims to help designers filter through ideas and find their next project. We spoke with the app's creator and an animator who uses it regularly, before we tested it out ourselves.

GoPro becomes official partner of MotoGP motorcycle racing tournament

GoPro announced that it's partnering with MotoGP to capture the action of one of the world's premier motorcycle racing tournaments. GoPro cams will shoot behind-the-scenes footage, race perspectives, and course previews.

From pocket projectors to inflatable luggage, travel gadgets just got smarter

More connected than ever, today’s travellers require gear that’s just as smart or efficient as their mobile devices. Here are some of our new favorites.

VueVoyage uses photography to pick world’s best travel destinations

When it comes to virtual travel, it's all about the photography. VueVoyage is a travel-focused social network that curates the world's best destinations based on photos.