Compact mega-zoom, mirrorless macro lens, and pro flash make up Canon's newest gear

Canon is adding a new 28mm macro lens to the EF-M mirrorless lens lineup -- a first for the series. The lens includes a light ring that illuminates close-up objects. Also, there is a new compact 25x mega-zoom camera, and premium flash.

The Honor V8’s dual-lens camera is different from the Huawei P9’s in one important way

The Honor V8, the latest smartphone from the Huawei spin-off brand, has launched. Like the Huawei P9 it also has a dual-lens camera on the back, but without the Leica branding, and instead it takes unusual 3D panorama-style photos.

The I-1 is a Polaroid-style camera for the digital age, and it’s on sale now

The Impossible Project – the outfit that's shown more love to instant photography than any other firm ever (bar Polaroid, perhaps) – has launched its first-ever instant camera, designed for the digital age.

Study: Vast majority of consumers consider their photography skills to be excellent

Turns out that shots of food and pets are the biggest trends in consumer photography. And most people rate their photography skills as "excellent." The most photographed food? Ice cream, of course.

Eyse action cam not only live-streams, but 3D capture gives VR-like viewing

The Eyse is a live-streaming 3D action camera that uses two lenses to capture stereoscopic videos with depth perspective. When viewed through a virtual reality headset, the video gives a VR-like experience.

Souvenyr analyzes your thousands of photos to track down the best shots

With all the cameras we have, it can be easy to take thousands of photos at an event, after which you generally have to go through them to get rid of the duds. Souvenyr, however, can sort through your photos for you.

Look what spectacularly photobombed this video of a building demolition

Cameraman Garry Cornes wanted to record the demolition of a locally famous apartment block in Glasgow, Scotland, so he went along and set up his kit. But at the crucial moment when the explosives detonated, his video was ruined by…
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Periscope to implement new save and search options, drone-based streaming

Twitter-owned live-streaming service Periscope is learning a few new tricks. It'll let you save and search broadcasts, plus stream from a DJI Phantom quadcopters. The new features read like a laundry list of responses to Facebook's…

Taking a selfie? Try not to destroy any statues while you're at it

In an attempt to take a photo of himself with a 126-year-old statue of a 16th-century Portuguese king, an overzealous 24-year-old actually climbed on top of the structure, thereby causing it to collapse and crumble.

Tight on space? Here are 3 ways to offload photos from your iPhone 3:23

You have so many photos on your iPhone, but phones break and it is time to back up those pictures to your computer. Here is a list of few different methods to transfer those selfies and other cherished memories.

How to use the camera in the LG G5 to take awesome photos

The LG G5 retains the best features of its predecessor, and adds a few others that help make it one of the top shooters available. Here's how to properly use them and take your photography to the next level.
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GoPro’s highly anticipated Karma drone won’t be released until this winter

Amid financial trouble, with losses nearing 50 percent since the same period in 2014, GoPro announces that it will delay the release of its highly-anticipated new drone until later this year.