Sony uses its Action Cam and a BMX bike to create this ‘art’ film

Sony created a short film showcasing a BMW biker creating a Jackson Pollock-inspired artwork while performing stunts. Three Sony 4K Action Cams were attached to the bike, to capture the art in the making from different…

Getty Images is bringing its 360-degree content to Oculus

Getty Images is getting in on Oculus. The photography firm announced it'll bring its 360-degree content to the nascent virtual reality headset. In the meantime, the footage is available to view on Samsung's Gear VR.

Swann introduces two new DIY home security systems for different budgets

Swann Security has just released two new Wi-Fi enabled security cameras that can be viewed on smartphones and tablets via app, one for $180, the other for $130.

Freaking out about selfie-stick bans? Get a grip with this handheld accessory

The Grip Dat is a smartphone accessory that gives you a more comfortable hold, ideal for short-distance selfies or action shots. Built into the handle is a remote shutter button, and the top detaches for remote shooting.

Twitter will now autoplay videos in your timeline by default

Realizing that it took too many steps to play native video, Twitter's latest update will autoplay all native videos, Vines, and GIFs within users timelines. Users can also opt out of the new feature if they wish.

Adobe Creative Cloud 2015’s big update brings new tools, stock photo service, Android apps

Adobe has unleashed a ton of new tools, performance enhancements, and other features in its Creative Cloud 2015 update. In addition, Adobe is launching a new in-app stock photo service, and is bringing more mobile apps to Android.

Still longing for Apple’s Aperture? Mylio says it has the cure for your woe

Wishing Apple never got rid of Aperture? Mylio, the photo-management service, says it offers the ideal migration solution and best replicates the Aperture experience.

Panasonic’s Lumix CM1 smartphone-4K camera hybrid launches in U.S. for $1K

Panasonic surprised us at Photokina 2014 with the CM1 "connected camera," an interesting hybrid between smartphone and 4K-capable compact camera with a 1-inch sensor and Leica lens. The device is now available in the U.S. for $1,000.

Facebook Moments auto-tags your friends, so it’s easier to share pictures

Facebook is launching a new standalone app, Moments, that makes it easier to exchange photos with friends. Moments is launching in the U.S. on iOS and Android. You can download Moments from the App Store or Google Play.

Creative Commons Android photo app lets you request exact images you want

Creative Commons is developing a mobile photo app, Th List, that helps users find what they want, while properly attributing the photographers who took them. Currently in beta, the latest update lets users make specific requests.

Can your system handle YouTube’s first 8K video?

'Ghost Towns' is the first 8K video available via YouTube — and it's a great way of testing whether your rig is ready for the resolution.