Ricoh’s K-70 is a weatherproof DSLR that shoots ultra-high-resolution photos

Looking to the advanced enthusiast, the weather-sealed K-70 incorporates features from the full-frame K-1, including Pixel Shift Resolution and a simulated anti-aliasing filter. But the most enticing feature may be its price.

Woman’s scheme to get drone pilot in trouble backfires, thanks to GoPro footage

A woman retrieves a fallen drone and creates an exaggerated story about being almost hit, before calling the police. Her story quickly fell apart after footage from the drone's still-recording GoPro proved otherwise.

Adobe Lightroom update makes it easier to straighten lopsided buildings in photos

Adobe's latest Lightroom update adds a new Guided Upright tool to better straighten images that are difficult to correct automatically. The accompanying Camera Raw update includes support for several new cameras.
Virtual Reality

See all of NYC in this 360-degree VR photo captured from atop One World Trade Center

For its The New York Issue, The New York Times teamed up with National Geographic photographer Jimmy Chin to capture the view of New York City from the top spire atop One World Trade Center.
Product Review

HEXO+ autonomous drone Review

The Hexo+ is designed to follow you, but we wish it would just fly away.

DxO One update lets you easily slap a watermark on photos before you share them

DxO's iPhone-attachable camera now offers copyright metadata, automatic watermarks, live exposure previews, and more, with a firmware update now available from the App Store.

Fancy yourself as a super spy? This smartphone comes with a night-vision camera

Night-vision cameras have come to smartphones. The Lumigon T3 uses an IR camera with an IR flash to record photos in complete darkness -- and yes, there's a regular camera, too.

For a mere $45K, you can own this ultra-rare, unopened Leica KE-7A camera

Up for sale on eBay is one of only 460 Leica KE-7A cameras purchased specifically for the U.S. Army back in the early 1970s. This particular model is said to be still in the box and in pristine condition, making for a very interesting sale…

Drift’s Compass camera will record your entire life if you let it

Drift's Compass camera brings affordability to the lifelogging market. The camera is tiny -- not much bigger than an Apple Watch screen -- weighs just 1 ounce, shoots 1080p HD video, and includes live-streaming capabilities.

Flash is not the enemy: Achieve natural results by mixing it with ambient light

Commercial photographer Adam Angelides goes behind the scenes on a recent lifestyle shoot to demonstrate how off-camera flashes can be used to create realistic, natural light regardless of location, time, or weather.

Golf being played at night looks awesome. No, really.

Who would have thought that with the right tech and some very clever camerawork, playing golf in the dark would look so cool. See ten of the world's best golfers play after the sun goes down in this cool video.

The unique lens design on this camera kit promises better photos from your iPhone

This isn’t the first lens kit for the iPhone’s camera we’ve seen, but it does promise something others don’t — considerably better image quality thanks to a free form lens design, a first for this type of product.