Are ‘Shelfies’ the next big trend? Google adds shareable selfies to Gmail

Nope, not exactly. The Shelfie is nothing more than another joke from April Fools' Day-loving Google, but the new feature does mark the start of 10th-anniversary celebrations for the company's webmail service.

Your selfies can now unlock content on your iPhone (please, no duckface)

As if selfies weren’t ubiquitous enough, a new app called FaceCrypt now allows you to unlock your phone by taking a snapshot of your face.

A $7 app lets your iPhone shoot video at higher resolutions, faster framerates

The Ultrakam app for iOS lets you record high-definition 2K video and a cinema-quality frame rate of 24 fps on your iPhone 5S. It also offers other pro video features, including a time-lapse mode.

GoPro shows you what kayaking off a waterfall looks like, from 4 gnarly angles

GoPro continues to do what it does best, putting out awesome extreme sports videos that were shot with its camcorders. The latest is of extreme kayaker Dane Jackson going off a waterfall, seen from four different angles.

Canon’s latest campaign in Australia touts no products, focuses on eye of the beholder

Canon in Australia has launched a new advertising campaign, starting with a beautiful teaser video and the hashtag, #whatdoyousee. The video shows different scenes reflected in the human eye, asking the viewer, what they see.

Update: Nikon issues new statement, reiterates commitment to supporting D600 owners

Nikon has issued a technical service advisory to all D600 owners that concerns a sensor problem due to dust and oil. The company will fix all cameras submitted for inspection, even if they're out of warranty.

Flickr’s new ‘photo experience’ leaves beta, offers improved design, faster browsing

Flickr's new "photo experience" leaves the beta stage and is now standard for all users. Which is good, because it's much better and faster by at least 20 times, according to Flickr.
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Teenager’s obsession with the perfect selfie nearly drives him to suicide

A British teen was reportedly so obsessed with taking the perfect selfie, that it nearly drove him to suicide. The obsession stems from a condition called body dysmorphic disorder, which he suffers from.

These cute animal-shaped cameras take the creepiness out of video surveillance

Italian design studio Parson has created animal-shaped security cameras that could make you enjoy video surveillance so much more, or at least be less creeped out by being watched.