Say hello to yourself while eating with the first selfie spoon 0:30

We've all been there. We're eating cereals and suddenly have an overwhelming urge to snap a selfie. OK, none of us have been there, but the makers of Cinnamon Toast Crunch have nevertheless launched a Selfie Spoon for perfect…

Snap! Pro turns the amateur iPhone photographer into a pro

Despite the ubiquity and relative convenience of using your iPhone as a camera, “using the touch screen or volume button to snap a shot still doesn't feel natural,” so get a Snap! Pro.
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Finally, a camera that won’t let you be an annoying tourist

Enter German designer Philipp Schmitt’s Camera Restricta, the camera that actually prevents the over-zealous tourist from taking too many pictures (or any at all) in crowded, clichéd locations.

Trends with Benefits: $50 Fire tablets, Apple helps Spotify, 3D-printed TSA Keys

On this week's episode we check out Amazon's new lineup of Fire products, talk about the 'move to iOS' movement, and examine how Apple Music is actually is helping Spotify.

Forget museums, now train services are banning the selfie stick

The selfie stick is picking up plenty of bans at museums and sports stadiums, but train stations? The operator of Japan's bullet train has decided the extendable monopods are an accident waiting to happen, and are warning travelers to…
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UK drone pilot punished for flights over pro soccer games and London landmarks

A U.K. drone enthusiast is believed to have become the first person there to face a criminal prosecution for improper use. Nigel Wilson flew his camera-equipped copter over Premiership soccer matches as well as Buckingham Palace and other…

Olympus gives new love to E-M1, E-M5 II cameras via firmware updates

For owners of Olympus' O-MD E-M1 and E-M5 Mark II cameras, upcoming firmware updates will add new features. These include focus bracketing for depth-of-field images with greater area of focus, and other enhancements to photos and videos.

Sony adds 14-bit uncompressed RAW, 5-axis stabilization, to high-sensitivity A7S II camera

The latest Mark II variant in its A7 series of full-frame mirrorless cameras, Sony's A7S II retains its high 409,600 ISO, but has improved video recording specs like in-camera 4K and Full HD slo-mo, and 5-axis stabilization.

Guns, explosives, and selfie sticks banned from pope’s visit to DC

Guns we get. Explosives, too. But selfie sticks? The extendable monopod is on a Secret Service list of items banned at events attended in D.C. by Pope Francis next week.

Fantasy meets reality: the best ways to entertain yourself in virtual reality

Virtual reality is on the edge of becoming a ubiquitous form of entertainment for consumers and has already begun to shape Sports, Travel, Music, Gaming and Movies.