Where to download free stock photos and public domain images

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to freely download and use an image from the Web without the looming fear of prosecution? We've put together a list of the best places to download images.

What’s the best way to view a total eclipse? Just watch this music video

A doom metal music video might be the least likely place to watch a total solar eclipse, but a band from the Faeroe Islands used the phenomenon as the backdrop for a new music video.

Bling your Nikon DSLR with this new stainless steel hot-shoe cover

If you already have a ton of lenses, flashes, cases, straps, eyepieces, remotes, transmitters, and mics, and still feel your Nikon DSLR is somehow incomplete, then perhaps this new stainless steel hot-shoe cover will appeal.

Ditch the pixelation: A quick guide to printing large photos the right way

Want to print your digital photos as large as you can? Follow these steps before printing to ensure the highest quality.

For hosts with their hands full, PartySnapper app uses guests as event photographers

PartySnapper is an iOS app that aggregates photos taken by guests. Snap a photo with the app, and it's automatically shared with the host's iPhone or iPad.

Father watches new son’s birth with Samsung’s Gear VR virtual reality headset

Samsung has used the virtual reality world created by the Gear VR headset (and a lot of other cool tech) to make it possible for a father to be present at the birth of his son, despite being 2,500 miles away at the time.

Eagle with Sony action cam makes record-breaking flight from world’s tallest building

Darshan the eagle landed in the record books on Saturday for the highest ever recorded bird flight from a man-made structure. Designed to draw attention to endangered birds of prey, the dramatic descent was livestreamed by the BBC…

This drone-shot caving video is so awe-inspiring, it’ll give you chills

In the hands of talented photographers, drones can help produce some stunning aerial footage -- something proven by this incredible video taken at the Hang Son Doong caves in Vietnam.

My Budgee and me: Is the world ready for this grocery-carrying robot sidekick?

Have you always wanted a robot? Budgee is a follow-me robot that will tote your belongings as it rolls along behind you. It should ship next month and costs $1,400. Start saving your pennies!

DT Giveaway: Win an HTC Re, an action cam for every day, not the X Games

We're giving away an HTC Re! Enter for your chance to win this $200 mini action camera.