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Best wireless printers

Looking to snag a new printer for all your photo or document-producing needs? We've rounded up some of the best wireless printers so you can get the absolute most bang for you buck.


You can’t Snapchat Stephen Colbert, but you can watch his sassy interview with its creators

The founders of Snapchat appeared on The Colbert Report to talk about sexting, screenshotting, and whether their app will ever turn a profit.

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JVC HD Everio GZ-VX815 Review

JVC’s GZ-VX815 demonstrates that you can build a slim, compact camcorder without sacrificing performance and features like Wi-Fi and low-light shooting.

  • Pros: High-definition 1080/60p video recording , 12-megapixel JPEG…
  • Cons: Short battery life , Menu navigation sometimes quirky , Zoom…

Adobe shows off Lightroom-like photo editing on iPad 2, foreshadowing what’s to come

Could pro-level photo editing from Adobe be coming soon to a tablet near you? Adobe gives a glimpse of a Lightroom-like prototype running on an iPad during an episode of The Grid, and talks about challenges remaining.


Samsung adds to compact system camera stable with new NX2000

As Samsung's new midrange mirrorless camera, the NX2000 shares the same image processor as the NX300, allowing for fast autofocusing and 3D photo and image capture. Other features include a large 3.7-inch touchscreen and wireless connectivity.


It’s curtains for a classic camera as Hasselblad bids farewell to the 503CW

Confirming the last 503CW has rolled off the assembly line, Hasselblad brings an end to one of the world's longest-running cameras in production. The 503CW has been in production for 17 years.


Nokia may introduce Lytro-like camera on its Lumia phones

After purchasing Pelican Imaging, it seems that Nokia may be working toward introducing a Lytro-esque camera into its smartphones in the future. The technology would allow users to choose the focal point of images after taking the picture.


The U.K. makes it OK for anyone to use your Instagram images

The U.K. has passed a bill that holds a rather damaging clause to photographers; orphaned photos can be licensed for commercial use. The vague law means that as long as a U.K. publisher tries to find the original owner of a photo, they can run it - even if…

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Longtime Playboy editor trades in the centerfolds for photos he doesn’t need to hide from the kids

What could possibly make a veteran Playboy editor retire from his dream job at one of America's most storied publications? For Jeff Cohen, it is the love of shooting behind the camera. We caught up with him at his new Chicago venture.


InstaStock wants to turn your selfies into a business model

Instagram changed social media, it changed social photography. Now, it's about to change another industry: The stock images market. A new startup called InstaStock wants to give users the option to make money off their Instagrams as well as create a new…

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Inside Out Project takes your selfies and plasters them in the middle of Times Square

Can selfies be considered art? That seems to be the idea behind the Inside Out Project's latest venture. In its New York City stop, the team has placed a photo booth truck to snap portraits and paste them onto the grounds of Times Square.

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Pentax K-30 Review

The Pentax K-30 is a basic DSLR, but it has a weather-resistance build and can be ordered in different colors. However, the so-so performance and poor video quality at its listed…

  • Pros: Decent stills with enough light , Quick response (6 fps)…
  • Cons: Poor video quality , Very noisy mechanical operation , No…

Until space travel is available, we can ride virtually onboard Ecuador’s first satellite

In collaboration with the Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency, EarthCam will stream live video from space via an onboard camera mounted onto the Pegaso, Ecuador's first satellite.


Google Glass Explorer Edition has a 30-minute battery life while shooting video

Google Glass Explorer Edition user Robert Scoble has reported that the headset has about 30 minutes of battery life while shooting video on its 5 megapixel camera, says shooting a 6-minute clip used 20 percent of a full charge.


Galaxy S4 Camera Impressions: Thanks to the Galaxy Cam, Samsung finally nails photos

After lagging behind HTC and the iPhone for so long, Samsung finally steps up their camera game with the Galaxy S4. Not only is the camera great, but it's backed up by a ton of photo-enhancing features and settings. We go in deep and test each one.