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Facebook intros 360-degree videos with Star Wars experience and more

Facebook has launched 360-degree videos for News Feed, giving users a more immersive experience by allowing them to explore a scene in every direction. Initial publishers include Star Wars, Discovery, and Saturday Night Live.

Full-frame fury: Comparing Canon’s 5DS R and Sony’s A7R II

We preview two of the newest and hottest full-frame, interchangeable lens cameras on the planet: the Sony Alpha A7R Mark II and the Canon EOS 5DS R. The 5DS R triumphs in resolution, but the A7R II has a few terrific extras.
Product Review

Canon PowerShot G3 X Review

Near or far, Canon's versatile G3 X lets you snap it without a DSLR
Cool Tech

Give your quadcopter drone thermal vision with Flir’s new Vue Pro camera

Today, Flir is bringing thermal imaging to the skies with the release of the Vue Pro: a compact infrared camera designed specifically for drones. Flir is set to launch the new camera sometime in November.
Cool Tech

Watch a miniature chef prepare your dinner with this 3D mapping called Le Petit Chef

While you wait for your meal, Le Petit Chef keeps you properly entertained, with an approximately two-minute-long animation of a miniature chef who climbs out of a manhole and subsequently endures a series of challenges.

The OnePlus 2 takes on the LG G4 with new manual camera mode

OnePlus has started sending out an update to its OxygenOS mobile operating system, and the standout new feature is the addition of a manual camera mode for the new OnePlus 2 smartphone.

Say hello to yourself while eating with the first selfie spoon 0:30

We've all been there. We're eating cereals and suddenly have an overwhelming urge to snap a selfie. OK, none of us have been there, but the makers of Cinnamon Toast Crunch have nevertheless launched a Selfie Spoon for perfect…

Snap! Pro turns the amateur iPhone photographer into a pro

Despite the ubiquity and relative convenience of using your iPhone as a camera, “using the touch screen or volume button to snap a shot still doesn't feel natural,” so get a Snap! Pro.
Cool Tech

Finally, a camera that won’t let you be an annoying tourist

Enter German designer Philipp Schmitt’s Camera Restricta, the camera that actually prevents the over-zealous tourist from taking too many pictures (or any at all) in crowded, clichéd locations.

Trends with Benefits: $50 Fire tablets, Apple helps Spotify, 3D-printed TSA Keys

On this week's episode we check out Amazon's new lineup of Fire products, talk about the 'move to iOS' movement, and examine how Apple Music is actually is helping Spotify.