Cool Tech

Pro pilots can now get a 6-mile reach from the Inspire 2 and Matrice 200 drones

DJI Inspire 2 and Matrice 200 owners have a slew of new flight accessories thanks to DJI's latest announcements. A new controller, screens, antenna and customer care plan are designed for the company's high-end drones with high-end price…

DJI’s redesigned Ronin 2 is ready for bigger cameras, more challenging shots

DJI redesigned its pro-level gimbal with more features, a bigger capacity, new shooting modes and a host of new features. Announced Sunday, the successor to the $1,000 original Ronin does not yet have a price tag.

Say hello to the Halo, an 8K, 3D, 360-degree pro camera that’s super portable

Running Google's Jump software, the Yi Halo is the only rig of its kind to use an up-view camera. The 8K, stereoscopic camera is also more portable than most, weighing less than eight pounds.

Earn 100-percent commission on stock photos? VideoBlocks says yes

The mix of subscription and per-image downloads from VideoBlocks will soon be moving to GraphicStock as well. As the platform preps for a new photo marketplace, photographers can apply now to earn a 100-percent commission.

Mevo beta adds support for YouTube live-streaming, 4K recording, and Android

Livestream has announced that its Mevo live-streaming camera is a getting a host of new updates this summer, including support for Android devices, YouTube live, 1080p streaming, and 4K internal recording.

How Google Earth helped Jane Goodall save a generation of chimpanzees

Google and the Jane Goodall Institute have been working together on protecting the habitats of chimpanzees for more than a decade. In honor of Earth Day, we take a look at how Android smartphones and Google Earth played a crucial role.
Social Media

Instagram shuts down Instagress bot that auto likes and comments

Instagrammers may be seeing fewer fake comments after bot Instagress has closed its doors, at the request of the social media platform. The platform offered automated Instagram engagement for a subscription price.

Apple's living pictures will soon be accepted in more places with Live Photo API

Apple's photo-video combo Live Photos will soon be accessible in more programs now that the company has released the API for the feature. Live Photos are still photos accompanied by a three second video.

Meet the 8K cameras that came from Facebook Surround's open source

Why did Facebook release the Surround camera as open source last year? To create even better variations like these sweet cameras. Three 8K pro-level 3D VR cameras were on display this week.

Insta360 Pro is an affordable 8K, 360-degree camera for VR content creators

With support for 8K 360-degree video at 30 frames per second and 4K at 100 frames per second, the Insta360 Pro packs a serious punch at just $3,499. In addition to video, it can shoot 60-megapixel RAW photos.

4K resolution is coming to the popular Ricoh Theta camera later this year

This 360 camera has no name, launch date or price -- but it exists, shoots in 4K and captures surround sound. The prototype Ricoh Theta camera will be on display at the NAB Show in Las Vegas.