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Sony’s latest RX100 compact can slow down time like no other camera

Like its predecessors, Sony’s new RX100 IV is a pricey pocket camera. But the premium price gets you cutting-edge components and features that weren’t available before.

  • Pros: 1-inch, 20.1MP “stacked” CMOS sensor , Outstanding…
  • Cons: Even pricier than before , Limited focal range , Mediocre…

This iOS app and motion tracker can auto-edit your sports video and overlay metrics

No one wants to come home from along but awesome day to edit the footage of said awesome day into a jealousy inducing reel. Feeling the burn and recording the footage is the fun part, and Blast Motion lets you do to that; it's a fitness tracker and video…


L.A. never looked so good in this beautiful hyperlapse that took two years to shoot

Check out this fabulous hyperlapse of L.A. that took two years to make from the first frame to the final edit. Its creator, Vadim Tereshchenko, has been making hyperlapse videos since 2012, tells DT he loves the process despite early frustrations.


Scientists develop imaging tech to help 3D cameras see in bright light

Depth-sensing 3D cameras like the Microsoft Kinect have issues seeing in bright light. A new technology developed at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Toronto helps cameras make out the 3D contours in any lighting condition.


Take selfie, go to jail: Tourist arrested after taking selfie on top of Brooklyn Bridge

David Karnauch was apprehended by authorities in Chattanooga after using his selfie stick to take a photo of himself on top of the Brooklyn Bridge.


VHS Camcorder app lets you shoot wonderfully awful 1980s-style videos

Great for memories of your next 1980s-themed party or simply because you want to see just how bad home videos looked 30 years ago, the new VHS Camcorder app offers iPhone users suitably crap video quality without having to lug around a massive old camera.


Take a stroll down memory lane with this new Google Photos feature

We capture so many photos, but how often do you look back at the older ones? Well Google Photos has a new opt-in feature that will remind you of some of the great photos you have taken over the years.


iFixit tears apart Sony A7R II camera, calls it ‘mighty feat of engineering’

Sony's A7 mirrorless full-frame cameras are an exercise in sophisticated engineering. The tear-down team at iFixit took apart the new A7R II and found that it is indeed a feat of engineering. It's also very difficult to repair, if you aren't Sony.


Dash cam footage captures apparent keying of $140K Aston Martin, man arrested

If you own a supercar, you really don't want anyone dragging bunch of keys down the side of it. However, if it does happen, a dash cam might help to provide clues as to who did it, as in the case of this Aston Martin V8 Vantage.


Bubl Technology says 360-degree camera now in hands of all early adopters

The Bublcam is a small 360-degree spherical camera that lets you capture panoramic photos and videos similar to Google Street View. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the company announced all pre-orders have been shipped to customers.