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DeviantArt will soon be getting a refresh after its acquisition by Wix

Today, the web design platform Wix announced the acquisition of DeviantArt, an online community for artists and designers. As part of the change, DeviantArt's longstanding web design will likely be getting a modern refresh.

Nikon set to display prototype cameras — including never-released models

Before the big camera announcement, there's a prototype to test -- and Nikon will be displaying around 40 of them to celebrate 100 years. The display is expected to include never before seen models in the Nikon Musem in Tokyo.

Sony's Smooth Trans Focus creates beautiful bokeh — but requires a sacrifice

The Smooth Trans Focus is a new feature that creates softer bokeh and background blur -- but it does come at a cost. Here's how the tech inside Sony's latest pro-level lens works and what it sacrifices to get there.
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Do you Finstagram? The new way teens are using Instagram in private

Teens tired of the fake aura of Instagram are creating secondary accounts, known as a "Finstagram," to express themselves among their closest friends. Just don't go expecting an invite into the exclusive club.

Watch 165 years of photojournalism history in this impressive one-minute video

Want to see how photography and journalism has changed over the years? Watch every front page from the New York Times fly by in this one-minute video created by a data artist and app designer.

VideoBlocks is now 100M downloads strong, thanks to unique subscription model

The industry's first subscription-based stock video platform has reached 100 million downloads and a library of over 4 million assets. The company says that same content would have cost over a billion dollars in a pay-per-piece market.
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Think Tank Photo Lily Deanne Mezzo Review

This camera bag was designed for women, by women.

The UltraLuuv looks weird, but makes your GoPro videos look great

Combining a mechanical stabilizer and electronic gimbal, the crowdfunded UltraLuuv offers “two- by three-axis” stabilization for action cameras, smartphones, and lightweight point-and-shoots.

Sony claims its new SF-G SD cards are the ‘world’s fastest’

Sony has launched a new line of SD cards aimed at high-end photography and video professionals. Thanks to unique firmware, the cards push the limits of the UHS-II U3 specification to achieve read speeds of 300MB per second.

Wet or dry, these rugged waterproof cameras capture your every adventure

Rugged cameras are designed to withstand nature's element. These waterproof, dust proof, and shock proof shooters can go wherever you take them, making them the perfect travel companions.

Huawei’s Honor VR Camera could be the most portable 360-degree camera yet

Huawei has taken the wraps off of a 360-degree camera of its own, and it could be the most portable 360-degree camera yet. The device clips to Huawei's smartphones and supports live-streaming.
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Instagram rolls out controversial photo album feature on iOS and Android

Up until now, only brands could share multiple photos in a single Instagram post. Now, the photo-focused social network is rolling out the feature for all users of its iOS and Android app.