Celebrate 100 years of National Parks by exploring them with these apps and gear

It’s been 100 years since the founding of the National Park Service, and we’ve round up the gear to bring along for discovering the beautiful landscapes and to safely get out of them.

When Google left them stranded, a Swedish mapping startup stepped in

When the Faroese Tourist Board strapped a camera to a sheep, it was hoping the resulting Sheep View video would attract the real-life Google Street View. Instead, Swedish mapping startup Mapillary answered the call.

Photography start-up aims to revolutionize the way we use filters

Could this be the trifecta for photography filters? A startup just introduced a filter holder that uses a circular polarizer, neutral density filters, and grads all in one system.

Adobe says Canon Dual Pixel RAW support coming to Lightroom, eventually

Adobe says it will add support for the Canon 5D Mark IV's most intriguing feature, Dual Pixel RAW, to Lightroom. However, there is no exact date for when that will happen.

Sony adds affordable 50mm full-frame macro lens to lineup

With a minimum focusing distance of 6.25 inches, Sony's new 50mm F2.8 Macro promises a 1:1 maximum magnification ratio on full-frame bodies. It is also dust and moisture resistant, with a compact design.

Photoshop fail? Magazine gives healthy models digital amputations for Paralympics feature

Was it really necessary for Vogue Brazil to Photoshop amputations onto healthy models to promote the Paralympics? That's what social media users are asking after a controversial Photoshop fail.

FLIR's Scout TK will make you feel like a superspy in your own backyard

FLIR's new entry-level thermal imager opens the world of infrared vision to a new audience, while maintaining the excellent build quality and functionality FLIR is known for.

How to capture shallow depth-of-field portraits in bright sun

Shooting outdoors in bright sunlight can be a real downer if you are wanting to get those creamy shallow depth-of-field portraits. But using this neat ND trick you can still get the look you want without much fuss or worry.

What aerial photographers need to know about FAA’s new drone laws

New FAA regulations apply to commercial drones -- so what do professional photographers need to do to legally operate a drone? Along with a few new rules about when and where you can fly, there's a new testing standard in place.

Want to eliminate odd color casts from an ND filter? There's (another) filter for that

Neutral density filters may solve exposure problems, but they also create color issues. The Image Enhancer Pro from SLR Magic aims to achieve a true black -- even with ND filters -- without wreaking havoc on skin tones.
Cool Tech

Police in Baltimore testing privately funded 30 square mile continuous image surveillance

A privately-funded wide-angle continuous image surveillance system originally developed for the military monitors 30 square miles of Baltimore. Analysts on the ground can track pixel-sized people leaving crime scenes.