Canon issues an incompatibility warning relating to Sigma Art lenses

Canon has issued an incompatibility warning informing consumers that lens correction modes for Sigma Art lenses might not operate as intended on its DSLRs, including its new 5D Mark IV.
Social Media

Deleting your Instagram food porn could help feed the hungry

Land O'Lakes started a new charity campaign to help feed the hungry. Delete a photo of a meal posted to Instagram and 11 meals will be donated to one of the more than 200 food banks partnered with Feeding America.

Selfskie: Mount your smartphone or GoPro to any stick for all the action shots

Selfskie is a mounting system designed to turn any stick into a selfie stick or camera mount. It can hold both smartphones and action cameras and has already reached its funding goal on Kickstarter.
Cool Tech

DJI’s Mavic Pro packs down to water-bottle size, goes 40 mph, avoids obstacles

DJI's first folding drone is here -- and it's the company's smartest drone yet with new auto-follow features. The Mavic also brings with it an announcement for DJI's first pair of POV flying goggles.

MindShift’s latest backpack is designed for photographers blazing trails

Designed for photographers working their way through the trails -- or blazing their own -- the new MindShift TrailScape is a spacey backpack with a slim profile.

This free, long-exposure hack mimics a graduated filter effect

What if we told you that you could take some killer long-exposure images on your dedicated camera with just your phone? No graduated filters or filters of any kind would be necessary. Would you believe us?

Miss paying for film? This new iOS app has you covered with digital rolls

Paying for every photo makes you pause before hitting that button -- or that is the idea behind a new iOS photo app anyways. Fotr sells rolls of digital film effects, then prints every shot, whether it is a good photo or not.

Podo, the selfie-slaying, stick-it-anywhere camera, has new features, lower price

The camera that can stick to any surface is back on Kickstarter -- and with a few new features to boot. But do the new gesture triggers and sync modes make up for the lowered megapixel count?

See how iPhone 7 Plus' Portrait mode elevates mobile photography

The iOS 10.1 beta is out in the wild, and iPhone 7 Plus owners can get their first stab at the new Portrait mode. While it may not stack up to a "real" camera in a side-by-side comparison, the effect is actually quite good.

Stocked with gadgets dating back to 1996, Lexar's testing lab is almost a museum

For its 20th anniversary, Lexar invited us to its headquarters and take a tour of the Lexar Quality Lab, where the company houses over 1,100 devices on which it tests its memory cards and USB drives.

Neural Photo Editor works like magic thanks to machine learning

Neural Photo Editor is an experimental piece of retouching software from researchers at the University of Edinburgh that uses neural networks to act like Photoshop on steroids, applying major changes to a photo in mere seconds.

GoPro documentary details efforts to save South Africa’s rhinos from poachers

A new GoPro video follows Beverly and Dereck Joubert, filmmakers turned conservationists and founders of Rhinos Without Borders, which works to project South Africa's rhino population from poaching.