Flickr opens up its annual ‘Your Best Shot’ photo competition

Flickr is only a few days away from opening up submissions for its annual "Your Best Shot" photo competition for 2016. Starting Thursday, December 1, you'll be able to submit a single photo that's been uploaded to Flickr in 2016.
Social Media

Snapchat plans first interactive 3D lens to promote ‘Underworld: Blood Wars’

Snapchat is partnering with film studio Screen Gems on a sponsored lens for its upcoming release "Underworld: Blood Wars." The AR feature could turn out to be better than the snooze-inducing franchise it's promoting thanks to its…

High-dynamic range photography easier, more powerful with Aurora HDR 2017

For the Aurora HDR 2017, Macphun has all but rebuilt the program, adding a fresh interface, new HDR algorithm, automated batch processing, and more. It combines an approachable UI with advanced features to appeal to a wide array of users.

Film Objektiv wants you to rent a film camera for your next photo project

Film Objektiv is a new, online rental house that sees things a bit differently from the would-be competition: Every camera it rents shoots film, and the shortest rental period is a full month.

Grip Gear slider wants to give your smartphone videos Hollywood flair

The Grip Gear Movie Maker is a miniature video slider designed to give smartphone videos the controlled panning and movement of Hollywood flicks -- but will smartphone videographers be willing to spend $130 for it?
Cool Tech

Look, up in the sky! It’s a kite! It’s a camera! It’s the Fotokite Phi drone!

Launching on Tuesday, Fotokite Phi is a lightweight camera-carrying drone you control like a kite. “Not only is it very accessible from a price perspective, but it works unlike any other drone you’ve seen before," CEO Chris…

The star of YouTube’s largest photography channel, DigitalRev, is going solo

DigitalRev TV grew to become the most popular photography channel on YouTube, thanks in no small part to the work of its energetic writer and host, Kai Man Wong. Now, however, Wong and DigitalRev have parted ways.

Ever-changing Earth: Google’s Timelapse update brings the world into clearer view

Google updated its interactive Timelapse photo system with petabytes of new data and improved the quality of the historical records. With it, you can see the world change dramatically over the past 32 years.
Product Review

Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II Review

Olympus pushes Micro Four Thirds to new heights with the E-M1 Mark II

The retro camera craze branches out into tripods with filter company Cokin

Photographers shooting classically inspired cameras now have a tripod to match. The Cokin Riviera Classic features the same faux leather wrap as many mirrorless cameras but with an aluminum construction capable of handling up to 11 pounds.

Insta360 camera for Android is already halfway to its funding goal after one day

The company that brought 360 video to the iPhone is back -- and this time for Android. The Insta360 Air is an Android accessory now on Indiegogo, sporting two fisheye lenses, live streaming and image stabilization.

Owner-designed 3D-printed camera lens captures impressive images

Photographer Mathieu Stern turned to 3D printing to fulfill his lifelong dream of creating his very own camera lens. Using 19th-century optics and a custom frame, the lens came to life and captures incredible images.