Capture One Pro photo editor gains its own color-coded shortcut keyboard

The 500-plus shortcuts in Capture One Pro just got a bit easier to learn with a custom color-coded keyboard made with LogicKeyboards. The keyboard can help improve efficiency for avid users or help newbies learn the program.

Fujifilm just developed a faster, cheaper organic sensor

Organic sensors are said to have better color and low-light performance, and now Fujifilm has reached another development milestone. The sensors, which have yet to be commercialized, are now faster and more affordable to produce.
Cool Tech

This mesmerizing video isn’t just cool — it offers clues on how atmosphere works

Besides being the first extended video evidence of blue lightning, a 160-second clip has prompted more studies. Researchers say that delving into blue lighting could offer insight into how the atmosphere protects us from…

Get a free $60 Amazon gift card when you buy a GoPro Hero5 Black action cam

Amazon is currently offering a free $60 gift card with every purchase of a GoPro Hero5 Black action camera. The most powerful model in the GoPro family, the Hero5 Black is our pick for the best action cam available right now.

Mirror mirror on the wall: Study delves into psychology of selfie takers

Snapping that selfie may be fun, but most people would actually prefer to see fewer selfies on social media, a recent study shows. The study's authors from the University of Munich call it the selfie paradox.
Virtual Reality

Spectator View provides a looking glass for all to see HoloLens holograms

Microsoft has added a spectator view feature to HoloLens, and released instructions on how to build a compatible DSLR camera setup. It's based on the firm's Mixed Reality Capture technology that combines live footage with holograms.

Epson's printers weave high-fashion with advanced imaging technology 3:05

Epson took over New York Fashion Week yet again for a day this year -- it's the company's third year showcasing its Digital Couture project, where fashion and technology blend at the seams.

Break out the birthday candles, Flickr just became a teenager

The image-sharing platform Flick is now 13 years old, though the company's vivid history isn't without a few growing pains. FLickr is asking users to share their 13 favorite photos with #Flickr13 to celebrate.

Nikon squashes DL camera series as companywide restructuring continues

Nikon's three advanced compact DL cameras now won't ever hit the market after manufacturing expenses increased and the market shifts. The cancellation is likely the first time consumers are seeing the company's restructuring plan in action.

Beautiful ‘dronelapse’ shows another kind of video your flying machine can make

There's already a ton of videos on YouTube showing run-of-the-mill quadcopter footage, but an increasing number of drone owners are starting to experiment to create something far more dramatic.

Go like a pro: A day in the life of BMX bad-boy Nigel Sylvester

Professional BMX rider Nigel Sylvester’s “Go! 3” stunt video continues the tradition of providing a little something for everyone. Beyond the impressive moves are excellently edited cuts to mundane activities that only add to the…

You can now explore seven countries in Africa thanks to Google Street View

Now, Google has added some of the highlights from the majestic continent of Africa to its Google Street View knowledge base. You can take virtual tours of "some of the most iconic landmarks and monuments in Ghana, Senegal, and Uganda."