Health & Fitness

Save your skin from sun damage by snapping a photo in invisible ultraviolet

A new Kickstarter campaign hopes to promote skin health by letting people see themselves in the ultraviolet (UV) spectrum, which is invisible to the naked eye but reveals signs of sun damage.

Need a lookout? Vava dash cam sees in the dark, automatically detects accidents

The Vava Dash car camera is a new dash cam option that combines HD video with accident detection. Vava’s Kickstarter campaign has been a massive success, reaching 100 percent of its $25,000 goal in just two hours.

Epson’s portable DS-320 scanner can save 25 pages per minute

Built for professionals on the go, the portable scanner can be plugged into a wall or powered straight over a USB connection. It features a 20-page automatic document feeder and can save files straight to Dropbox and Google Drive.

This drone-photo firm just paid a massive fine over alleged illegal flights

A company that uses drones to capture aerial imagery for clients has just paid $200,000 to settle a dispute with the FAA. The FAA had accused it of conducting illegal flights, though the company, SkyPan, at no time admitted to any…

Simple as a swipe: Photowipe app lets you easily move your photos to the trash

Photowipe is a new app for iOS that simplifies the process of moving images from your Camera Roll to the trash. To delete images, you navigate through your photos one at a time and swipe up to send them to the garbage.

The Perar 17mm f/4.5 pancake lens is meticulously handcrafted for your Leica M camera

MS Optics unveiled its latest creation, the Perar 17mm f/4.5 pancake lens made for Leica M-mount cameras. It measures in at only 10.5mm thick, 70mm in diameter, and weighs only 70 grams.

White House photographer reflects on 8 years, 2 million pics with President Obama

What's it like to work as the official White House photographer? An interview with Pete Souza offers a pretty good idea. As President Obama's term ends, Souza shares his favorite images out of around two million shots.

Take the camera dividers out of the Udee backpack and it becomes a cooler

The Udee backpack can morph from a camera bag to a cooler to simple storage -- and that's just the bottom half. Startup Meltpartners is just shy of its Kickstarter goal for its first project.

Mokacam brings back its tiny 4K camera on Indiegogo — and it’s even smaller

The tiny action camera designed to rival GoPro is back on Indiegogo with an even smaller update, the Mokacam Alpha. While 20 percent smaller, the camera is now capable of slow motion videos and manual shutter speed.

Going somewhere? Capture more than your phone can with the best travel cams

Hitting the road or doing some globetrotting this summer? Bring along the right camera to capture those once-in-a-lifetime vacation memories. Here are some of our current favorites.
Cool Tech

Consumer drones could carry more with twice the rotors, NASA experiment suggests

Doubling the number of rotors on a drone nearly doubles the trust, leading to larger weight capacities, a NASA experiment shows. The idea comes from a computer simulation showing how air moves around a consumer drone.

Say hello to the most obnoxious selfie stick yet

It may be a little tricky to put together and hard to carry around, but photographer Ted Forbes seems more than happy with his absurdly elaborate selfie stick.