Hasselblad says zoom lenses for the X1D are ‘almost impossible theoretically’

In a recent comment on its Facebook page, Hasselblad said zoom lenses for its just-announced X1D medium-format mirrorless camera are "almost impossible theoretically" due to size and cost limitations.

Leica expands camera personalization program to include M Monochrom

It might be all black and white on the inside, but with Leica's expanded personalization program, the M Monochrom can now show a little flair on the outside. Buyers can choose from different finishes, trim colors, and even add custom…

Patent reveals Galaxy Note 7 could have an integrated iris scanner

A recent patent from Samsung details a three-camera system with an integrated infrared light and accompanying algorithms that would allow users to unlock their devices by using front-facing cameras.

Invidyo’s AI camera shows you the best (and worst) parts of your child’s day

While you may not be there for every moment of your child's life, you can at least capture some of them with Invidyo, which looks to offer parents the opportunity to keep an eye on their tots while they're out and about.

Multi-brand flash transceiver upgraded with high-speed sync

Most flashes can't go past a 1/250 shutter speed, but one lighting accessory company says that it's latest transceiver offers high-speed sync, even if the flash itself doesn't. Oh, and it's also compatible with multiple brands.

Canon 1-DX II shooters beware, using SanDisk cards could corrupt your photos

In the second third-party compatibility issue since the Canon 1D-X Mark II was released, SanDisk cards are corrupting photographer's images. There's a solution on the way -- and a simple workaround until then.

Apple patent could force you to put down your iPhone at 'sensitive events'

In what might be described as an attempt to have people live more, shall we say, in the moment, Apple has been granted a patent that could disable photography and video recording during concerts or other "sensitive events."

Should your next phone have a dual camera setup?

Remember when megapixels were the only thing that mattered? The latest innovation pushing for wide adoption in high-end smartphones is the dual rear-facing camera setup. Technology reviewer Austin Evans offers a video explanation.

Small handcrafted film camera company Ebony to close up shop

While most of today's cameras are mass-produced, Ebony cameras are handcrafted from wood, titanium, and leather. They won't be available much longer though -- the shop is closing and will stop taking orders at the end of June.

5 tips for getting the best video footage from your drone flight

Learning how to pilot a quadcopter is a tricky business. Add to that the stress needing good video footage and it becomes a daunting task for any new drone pilot. Here are 5 tips for getting the best out of your drone video.

Snap and edit pictures like a pro with these great Android photo apps

They say the best camera is the one in your pocket. That said, check out a selection of our favorite photo-editing apps for Android, whether you need to crop a photo or outfit it with a old-school filter.
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Facebook rolls out Slideshow video curation feature to iOS users

Facebook is rolling out its Slideshow video curation tool to iOS users. Much like Snapchat, the update automatically creates video stories from your recently uploaded images and clips that can be shared to the social network.