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Canon EOS M5 Review

Canon finally made a mirrorless camera even serious shutterbugs will love.

MIT research looks into why AI has trouble recognizing diverse faces

According to MIT research, facial recognition programs don't recognize minorities as often as they do Caucasian faces and it's likely because the photos used to train the artificial intelligence were limited.
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Simplify your workflow: Vimeo video review features make collaboration easy

Video sharing giant Vimeo announced some new review functionality aimed at making the important process of feedback and collaboration easier than ever. Colleagues across the globe can now collaborate in real time.

Think science can be art? The Hubble Telescope thinks so with its new gallery

On Friday, the Hubble Space Telescope organization announced a traveling gallery of images from the telescope. The gallery, which includes photos as well as paintings and sculptures, will be coming to the U.S. at a later date.

The first photograph of a presidential inauguration required a mobile darkroom

If you time traveled back to the presidential inauguration 150 years ago, you'd be swapping that smartphone camera for a wet plate camera that required bringing along an entire darkroom.

Chinese photo-editing app Meitu faces privacy concerns over data collection

Meet Meitu, the Chinese app taking the world by storm with its instant beautifying effects that turn you into whomever you want to be -- in your photographs, that is. Meitu is now facing a host of privacy concerns over data collection.

Screen Gems used the Sony A7S II to shoot an entire motion picture

The Sony A7S II plays a big role in the indie film scene, but now it's been used to shoot a feature. Screen Gems used the camera to shoot its entire upcoming thriller 'Cadaver,' a decision that both saved money and boosted efficiency.
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Snapchat will soon use ‘creepy’ ad targeting on you, but here’s how to opt out

Despite publicly denouncing an abundance of ads as “creepy,” Snapchat is now embracing ad-targeting in the vein of Google, Facebook, and Twitter via its new deal with Oracle Data Cloud to obtain offline purchasing data.
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It takes a team to make Zuckerberg’s Facebook page look better than yours

If Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook page looks better than yours, it's probably not just because he's the social media site's CEO -- he also has a team of people managing his page, from writing the posts to taking the photographs.

The new Fujifilm X-T20 is the X-T2’s fraternal twin, with a friendlier price

Fujifilm repackaged the high-end X-T2 to shave $700 off the price -- yet the camera still includes the same sensor, processor, and even 4K video. Announced today, the X-T20 sits between the budget X-A3 and flagship X-T2.

Not dead yet: These point-and-shoot cameras still put your phone to shame

What if you want great image quality but you don’t want to mess with lenses and settings? These point-and-shoot cameras deliver the goods – in a compact body – that make your smartphone look sad.

Fujifilm brings the X100 series up to speed with faster, higher resolution X100F

The X100F uses the same 24MP Xtrans III APS-C sensor and X-Processor Pro from the X-Pro2 and X-T2 along with a new 325-point AF system. Performance has been improved across the board, with faster focusing, shutter delay, and start-up times.