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Aerotain’s blimp-inspired Skye drone won’t injure people if it crash lands

To address the perplexing issue of how to protect people and property from drones that get out of control and fall to the ground, Swiss company Aerotain is seeking inspiration from blimps, creating a modern drone with an inflated…

21 Instagram tips and tricks you can’t afford to miss

We've got a load of awesome Instagram tips and tricks for you right here. Find out how to get started, take your Instagram photography to the next level, and get your best photos the notice they deserve.

Plastic surgeons are using Snapchat to broadcast patients going under the knife

These Snapchat videos aren't for the squeamish. A number of qualified plastic surgeons are using the messaging app to broadcast live from the operating table, with the consent of an increasing number of patients.

Snapchat update lets you swap faces with any photo on your phone

Get ready to swap faces with absolutely anything you want thanks to Snapchat's latest update. The app has introduced a new face-swap from camera selfie lens that lets you switch faces with any image stored in your phone's photo library.

Acer’s Xplova S5 biking computer records video when your heart starts racing

Acer announced an update to the Xplova biking computer, this version being called the Xplova S5 and featuring a built-in camera that can start recording based on conditions that you set -- such as a raised heart rate.

Your Instagram selfies could land you a place in the Miss USA contest

Miss USA is heading to Instagram and Twitter in search of a 52nd contestant for its 2016 beauty pageant. For the first time in history, the public will also be able to vote to select the new candidate via Twitter and the Miss USA website.

Microsoft Translator for Android can now translate text in a photo

Traveling and need to translate a sign? With Microsoft Translator for Android, you can now simply snap a photo of the sign, and let the app do the rest! The app also allows you to upload any photos that you may have already taken.

Pictar’s amazing case turns your iPhone into a full-fledged camera

With the tagline, "Unleashing the power of your iPhone camera," the Miggo Pictar grip-case aims to do just that. It gives your iPhone a DSLR-like feel, while also unlocking adjustable camera settings.

The ZTE V7 Max and A910 Android phones offer solid specs with competitive pricing

We're wondering why ZTE didn't hold a big event for the V7 Max and A910 Android phones. The V7 Max offers premium specs for a competitive price, while the A910 offers solid specs for budget-conscious consumers,

Samsung Galaxy J5 and J7 head for Europe with slightly downgraded specs

Samsung's midrange Galaxy J5 and J7, which launched in China earlier this year, are heading to European regions in the coming weeks. The specs of both have been slightly downgraded from the original.

Sennheiser wants you to use your cameras to record audio that doesn’t suck

At NAB 2016, Sennheiser unveiled two new microphones that allow videographers using DSLRs and GoPros to capture better-sounding audio than the cameras' built-in mics. They allow for enhanced audio capture, something onboard camera mics…

Instagram is set to turn a huge profit for Facebook this year

Instagram is set to have a huge year, according to analysts at Credit Suisse. The popular photo-sharing app is projected to generate a massive profit for its parent company Facebook, thanks to its advertising strategy.