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Now 1 million advertisers strong, in-app booking is coming to Instagram

Instagram is celebrating an advertising milestone with a teaser -- a new in-app booking feature is coming before the end of the year. More than 1 million businesses now actively advertise on Instagram.

Adobe is working on software to cut out the background from any photo

Adobe is working to make clipping a background out of an image simpler using deep learning software. The program relies on structure instead of color to clip out the background.

Keep your data safe wth Lexar’s new JumpDrive Tough thumb drive

Built to withstand the elements and survive a wide range of adverse conditions, Lexar's new JumpDrive Tough is waterproof, shockproof, and includes EncryptStick Lite software to provide 256-bit AES encryption

Fly over Mars with this incredible video created from NASA stills

This Finland native would love to see landscape photos of Mars, but since that won't happen anytime soon, he created his own variation. Using images from NASA's HiRISE and 3D mapping techniques, he created an incredible fly-over…

Epson $99 printer will spit out anything from smartphone snaps to coloring pages

Epson's latest $99 printer is an all-in-one with a number of connectivity conveniences, including mobile photo printing even without a wireless network in range and an app for editing printable photo projects.

These 4 speedlights will give you the biggest bang for your buck

If you're in search of a little more light in your life -- your photography life, that is -- you need a speedlight. For that, we've rounded up some of the most budget-friendly options for your convenience.

YouTube tutorial shows how to shoot interior photos worthy of design mags

If you have ever attempted to take interior images of your living space, then you may know how difficult it is to get great results. These five simple and easy-to-follow tips can help you get great results.

The Grip Gear Movie Maker accessory puts smooth panning into smartphone videos

The Grip Gear Movie Maker is a fun, simple way to create professional-looking videos with a smartphone or GoPro. Its lack of advanced features and a few quirks make it more of a tool for hobbyist filmmakers, however.

Mevo is now the first camera capable of live broadcasting to Twitter

Thanks to an API release by Twitter, Mevo by Livestream is now able to broadcast straight to Twitter or Periscope. The camera is the first to include direct Twitter compatibility.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium smartphone may be released June 1 with an $810 price tag 1:03

Sony's back with its Xperia lineup, and if you were expecting an all-new design, you may be disappointed. The differences from last year's lineup are largely internal, though the four smartphones have some unique features.

Twitter launches live video API for streaming — how will that affect Periscope?

Twitter will likely be seeing an increase in live video with the release of its live API for integrating live feeds from third-party apps. The change would also make broadcasting simpler for big media companies.

You won’t miss a thing with D-Link DCS-2530L camera’s ultra-wide lens

When it works, it works. We hope our messy setup process isn’t the norm for most users, because otherwise the DCS-2530L functions as advertised.