Use your iPhone’s camera to turn textbooks from boring to easy to read

Summize, the scanning app for iOS that summarizes textbook text, has returned with improved tools and a new look. The app now uses a freemium model, charging $2 a month or $14 a year for unlimited scans.

Google Photos now has 200M users, some of whom love pomeranians

A year after launch, Google Photos has managed to attract 200 million active users, the company's CEO revealed Wednesday. And some of them are pomeranian fans, apparently.

Snapchat accused of whitewashing its users through ‘beautify’ filter

First, there was the Bob Marley blackface feature, and now, there's the alleged skin-lightening filter. Snapchat, it seems, is having a bit of trouble when it comes to racial sensitivity.

Canon unveils spiffy new website featuring branded .canon domain

Canon has unveiled a brand-new global website featuring their recently acquired .canon domain – a move that Canon says improves security and reliability, while others may consider it confusing or unnecessary.

Human error thought to be cause of model’s death in underwater photo shoot

Olivia Ku, a popular young model in Taiwan, died while participating in an underwater photo shoot. According to unconfirmed reports, she suffered an asthma attack, however human error may have played a role in her death.

Scientists develop program that matches doodles with photographs

Scientists have started work on a computer program that will be able to take a doodle or sketch of an image and find a matching photograph. The program uses deep learning to understand context of drawings.

LEDs in Litcase offer a better way to take selfies and food photos

Love them or hate them, there's no arguing that selfies are here to stay. And Litcase aims to make them better. Featuring integrated LED lights, it creates softer, color-balanced photos indoors and in low-light.

Facebook: We were wrong to remove emotional father-son photo

Facebook removed an image of a father with his ill son in the shower – twice – without warning or explanation, despite it not breaking any community standards. Facebook told us it was mistake, but it highlights the complexity of…

FindFace is a new facial recognition app that could end public privacy

FindFace is a new facial recognition app that uses profile photos of Russia’s leading social network, Vkontake, to find their identity. The app, for iOS and Android, claims a 70-percent success rate.

Cinema Palettes shows how colors are used to set mood of iconic films

The Cinema Palettes Twitter account showcases still shots of iconic films alongside the color palettes that make up the mood of the movie. The films profiled include those from past and present.

Google’s gigapixel captures of famous masterpieces let you see every stroke

The Google Cultural Institute has created a robotic camera that captures ultra-high resolution images of artwork. Museums around the world will soon be able to put it to use preserving their collections and sharing the results…
Social Media

Facebook will soon let you record and share videos as comments

Facebook users have noticed the ability to record and share video comments on posts from pages and friends. The social network is currently testing the update on a small group of people as a means to encourage users to express themselves…