Washi Film is 35mm film that captures a positive image directly on handcrafted paper

"Made for centuries in Japan, this paper combines just the right physical properties with a unique aesthetic," says Film Washi, adding, "[it’s] strong, flexible, and transparent […] the ideal medium for creating a handcrafted…

The Polaroid Snap Touch mixes nostalgic fun with digital-camera essentials

Polaroid announces the Polaroid Snap Touch -- a digital/instant film hybrid camera that offers many modern digital camera features while still producing nostalgia-inducing instant pictures.

MeFoto’s new tripod cuts the weight and can operate as a selfie stick

Tripod company MeFoto has launched a new line of tripods and monopod that not only cuts the weight of previous versions, but also includes an integrated selfie stick, complete with Bluetooth remote.

Kodak's 360-degree camera takes a big step up with the addition of a second lens

Single lens 360 cameras are easy to use but tend to lag behind in quality -- Kodak is upgrading their 360 options with a new two lens camera. The Kodak Pixpro 4KVR360 is expected out in January.

Use your smartphone like a ‘real’ camera with Joby GripTight POV kit

Smartphone cameras may be portable, but their slim design makes them hard to hold. With the GripTight, smartphones have four steadier shooting options -- and can even be mounted to GoPro accessories.

Forget medium format: Fujifilm announces new square-format instant camera

Slated for spring of 2017, Fujifilm plans to further expand its line of instant photography products with the new Instax Square film and camera.

Lowepro unveils a rugged quick-access backpack and lightweight airport roller

Lowepro's unusual Flipside backpacks have been well received, and now, they're ready for the outdoors. Along with the new backpack series, Lowepro also introduced a new light airport roller today.

Adobe to let stock photographers sell images within Lightroom app

Lightroom and Bridge users will no longer have to open a web browser to sell stock photos. With Adobe Stock Contributor, now in public beta, photographers and graphic artists will be able to sell their own images without leaving…

SanDisk announces development of the only SD card you’ll ever need

SanDisk has reached another milestone in memory card capacity with a 1TB SD card. It's big enough to hold a million, one-megabyte JPEGs or 12,500 RAW files from Sony's 42-megapixel A7R II mirrorless camera.

GoPro takes off with a new foldable Karma drone, Hero5 cam, and more

GoPro has made its biggest announcement to date: the reveal of its highly anticipated Karma drone and new Hero5 cameras with advanced features. The company is also launching a new cloud-based subscription service.

Wired or wireless, indoors or out, this home security cam works anywhere

The Canary Flex is a strikingly attractive home security camera that can operate indoors or outdoors, wired or wirelessly. With an optional LTE mount, it can even work in remote locations beyond Wi-Fi range.

Lexar’s High-Endurance memory cards offer maximum reliability for security cameras

Lexar announced new Android-compatible JumpDrives and MicroSD card readers, which both offer USB Type-C connectors, as well as a new line of High-Endurance MicroSD cards for always-on devices, like security cameras.