Turn your license-plate frame into a wireless, solar backup camera with Pearl

A team of ex-Apple employees have developed Pearl RearView, an intelligent backup camera that uses a smartphone and your vehicle's onboard diagnostics port (OBD) to keep both you and those around you safe from unintended impacts.

Watch how easy it is to use Photoshop’s new face-aware Liquify tool

An update to Adobe Creative cloud introduced many new features, but none more impressive than, or as terrifying as, Photoshop's face-aware Liquify tool, which makes it easier than ever to edit faces, either to make them prettier or…
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Wunderbar! Instagram is launching a translation feature for its popular app

There are a lot of people on Instagram – 500M at the last count – which means there are also a lot of languages. Mindful of the fact, Instagram says it's about to roll out a new translation feature so we can all understand each other's…

Nice try, adults: The SelfieBroom will not trick your teenager into doing chores

In a world filled with strange things, the SelfieBroom really stands out. In what can only be described as a narcissist's best bet at actually doing chores, this contraption is exactly what it sounds like: a broom that lets you selfie.

Go long: Nikon 1,200mm f/11 lens from 1974 shows up on eBay

Nikon makes some pretty great lenses today, but nothing that quite compares to this 1,200mm f/11 telephoto behemoth from 1974 that popped up on eBay. Its usefulness on modern digital cameras is limited, but it will still impress your…
Virtual Reality

Getty Images is hopping on the VR bandwagon, building up a huge repository of stock VR content

“We are not surprised that Getty Images are embracing 360-degree photography,” Anthony Geffen, CEO of the award-winning Atlantic Productions, whose sister company Atlantic VR regularly works with virtual reality, tells Digital Trends.
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Reddit users hunt down the Instagrammer defiling national parks, get her banned

Reddit users have helped authorities to identify a vandal who defaced trails and rock formations in several national parks. The culprit, Casey Nocket, was a graffiti artist who glorified her work on her social media accounts.

GoPro didn’t survive that epic crash? With GoPro Care, it’s not such a big deal

GoPros have some pretty impressive survival stories, but any action cam put through that much stress could have a fatal accident -- with the new GoPro Care, replacing that busted camera isn't such a big deal.

Samsung’s $350 Gear 360 VR camera finally hits the States, but there’s a catch

Samsung's bringing its $350 Gear 360 camera to the US, but there's a catch: orders are limited to attendees of VidCon in Anaheim, California. It's also revamping its Milk VR application.

Hasselblad changes the mirrorless game with the 50MP, medium-format X1D

After much hype, Hasselblad has officially lifted the veil on its new camera, the X1D. Designed for medium-format quality in a smaller package, the X1D includes a 50MP sensor capable of capturing 14 stops of dynamic range.
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First Lady Michelle Obama joins Snapchat in an effort to engage young people

First Lady Michelle Obama has decided to join Snapchat in an effort to engage and communicate more directly with America's young people, and it looks like she is off to a great start.

Proceed at your own risk: Sony issues warning regarding third-party firmware

Sony has issued an official statement, a warning really, that clears up any confusion that users may have had regarding the use of third-party firmware on Sony cameras.