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Facebook’s Photo Magic reminds you to send friends their pics

Facebook's new Photo Magic feature uses facial recognition to scan your camera roll, and sends you reminders to share relevant photos through Messenger with the friends it recognizes.

This remote shutter gadget for Nikon or Canon DSLRs also lets you control settings

The Pulse is a gadget that not only remotely triggers your camera shutter, but it lets you adjust settings too. It allows you to create time-lapse and long-exposure photos and videos with ease.
Cool Tech

DiMoDA is a virtual reality museum that you don’t want to miss

In a truly immersive experience, audiences can now visit DiMoDA either in real life, where they will see a virtual reality exhibit, or they can stay at home and see the art through Mac and Windows apps.

Fisherman catches a lost camera in Lake Michigan and tracks down owners

A fisherman catches a digital camera out of Lake Michigan. After checking out the memory card, he was able to track down the owners, who had lost the camera on a boat trip two years before.
Cool Tech

Google takes VR fun to more schools with expansion of Expeditions program

Google said Monday it's taking its VR Expeditions program to more schools in U.S. cities – including Portland, Orlando, New Orleans, and Las Vegas – while outside the U.S. it's coming for the first time to schools in Canada, Denmark…
Product Review

BenQ SW2700PT Review

BenQ’s SW2700PT is the perfect monitor for photographers
Social Media

Taco Bell has 600 hilarious GIFs and images for you to express your taco love

To celebrate the arrival of the taco emoji, Taco Bell is launching a new social media campaign that includes the taco emoji engine, a Twitter feature that generates GIFs and images from 600 possible emoji combinations.

This app catches the fan shots during big plays at games

Fanpics is like the camera at the first sharp drop on a roller coaster. It's a free app that captures fan reactions to breaking plays right in the stadium, giving you free high-res photos of the best moments of game.

Spectre's filmmakers shot on 35mm film to retain look and feel of Bond movies

After going digital with Skyfall, director Sam Mendes returned to 35mm film for shooting Spectre. To keep the look and feel of Bond movies, Mendes says film has the magic that digital doesn't.

Drone maker DJI buys a stake in high-end camera maker Hasselblad

Drone maker DJI has bought a stake in Hasselblad, a firm famed for its high-end camera gear. The pair are offering little in the way of details regarding future plans, speaking only of "sharing technical expertise and paving the way for…

Flickr app for iOS 9 adds 3D Touch, Spotlight search for faster navigation

Flickr's updated app for iOS 9 adds support for 3D Touch. With a press and hold on the screen, you can now pull up Quick Actions and easier photo scrolling. You can also now search your Flickr photos via Spotlight.