Love that Prisma photo? Hang it as a canvas on your wall with CanvasPop

Your photos deserve a home better than your smartphone. Here to give it to them is CanvasPop, which will turn your Instagram snaps, Prisma photos, or just about any other pictures you can find into works of art -- on canvas.

OK Go’s new music video is an explosive, slow motion visual feast

Didn't think OK Go could beat that amazing zero gravity music video? The band may have come close with this new video for The One Moment, where 4.2 seconds of footage is stretched out in slow motion to last the entire song.

Adobe's Project Sky Replace could be Photoshop's next big feature

Adobe demonstrated a sneak peek of Sky Replace at Adobe MAX this year. The simple tool can automatically replace a boring or overexposed sky in a photo, but the underlying technology is more complex than it sounds.

How not to dispose of old floppy disks

Got any old floppy disks you want to get rid of? Then it's probably best you don't drop them onto the spinning blades of an upturned lawnmower. Although doing so can admittedly result in some rather striking slow-motion footage.

Chronos high-speed camera blasts through Kickstarter target in just a few hours

A high-speed camera that can capture footage at a whopping 22,000 frames a second and costs a surprisingly reasonable $2,500 hit its Kickstarter funding target on Wednesday within just a few hours of going live.
Buying Guides

The ultimate Black Friday Guide: All the hottest deals, none of the junk

The craziest holiday shopping season is upon us, and we've got a look at the hottest upcoming Black Friday deals on gadgets and accessories from Best Buy, Amazon, Target, and Walmart -- if you dare brave the lines.

Facebook loses German lawsuit surrounding removal of metadata from photos

A photographer has won a lawsuit filed against Facebook in Germany. The suit claimed that Facebook’s practice of removing EXIF metadata from photos uploaded to the service violated German copyright law.

Godox RF flash gives Sony Alpha shooters wireless lighting on the cheap

You may not have heard the name Godox before, but the Chinese company produces a large catalog of photographic lighting equipment. Its new TT350S flash for Sony cameras brings wireless RF control to a compact, inexpensive form factor.

13 ways to photograph memorable holiday moments with your phone

Did your Christmas photos come out worse than you would have liked? Don't blame your phone entirely. As the New Year approaches, check out these handy tips for making your next holiday photos memorable.

PicsArt app now uses artificial intelligence to turn your photos into ‘money’

Ever wonder what money would look like with your face on it, a friend's or even Trump's? A new addition to PicsArt allows users to turn their photos into "money" -- the AI-powered photo filter mimics the famous faces on US…
Virtual Reality

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade to be broadcast in 360 — here's how to watch

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will be broadcast live in 360 on YouTube -- the first time the event has been broadcast live anywhere outside of NBC in 64 years. Macy's is also enrishing the parade experience with a new virtual reality…

Attention, earthlings: Enjoy an astronaut’s view of Earth with this 360 video

See what the astronauts see without ever lifting your feet off the ground in this new video series capturing 360 shots of the International Space Station, from where the astronauts go for the best views to how cameras are stored.