The night sky, as seen from areas with and without light pollution

Photographer Siram Murali documented different levels of light pollution across California in this time-lapse video, revealing how modern civilization has dramatically changed what we can see at night.

The modern daguerreotype is a reminder of how far photography has come

Photographer Binh Danh used the 177-year-old daguerreotype process to photograph iconic locations and national parks around the country. His work offers a great reminder of how far photography has come.

This modern replica of the very first camera lens is now available

Why edit an image when you can get it right the first time? The Lomography Daguerreotype is a lens for modern DSLRs that creates a vintage feel -- like creating a vintage filter look in-camera without sacrificing the convenience…

Get perfect color from exposure through final edit with Datacolor's new bundle

Datacolor's new bundle is a color management toolbox, with everything a pro photographer needs to ensure perfect color from exposure through the final edit. It also offers significant savings compared to buying the items…

Aerial video shot on iPhone 6S proves vision is more important than gear

When it comes to shooting exceptional aerial video footage, it doesn't take an expensive camera. It does, however, take a helicopter. Still, two filmmakers just proved that professional-quality video isn't more than an arm's reach…

These are the most popular cameras and lenses at the Olympics, Canon says

According to a survey by Canon, most photographers at the 2016 games in Rio are shooting with the company's gear. So what are the most popular bodies and lenses at the games? The flagship EOS-1D X Mark II is one of them.

The 5 longest flights in the world make NY to London feel like a hop

Thanks to advanced planes, airlines are flying to farther destinations. We look at five of the world’s longest ultra-long-haul flights, and what’s offered onboard to help you while away the time.
Social Media

Instagram adds two new rather significant video features in quiet update

Instagram's latest updates comes without a big announcement, but the two new video features are pretty significant -- and still imitate Snapchat. Users can now zoom while shooting video, and iOS users can swap cameras mid-recording.

Excire is a must-have Lightroom plug-in for photographers

Adobe Lightroom users will find searching for images much easier with the new Excire Search plugin. It brings image recognition search technology, making it easier to organize a library.

Rugged is an understatement with Kyocera’s three-camera DuraForce Pro

Kyocera is releasing a successor to the DuraForce XD. The DuraForce Pro has a normal front and rear camera, but it also a Super Wide View Full HD action cam. It brings new meaning to the word "rugged."

Monkey see, monkey sue: Infamous selfie is back in court, thanks to PETA appeal

Can monkeys own the copyright to a photo? PETA is insisting they can with an appeal of a case involving an infamous monkey selfie. The appeal brings photographer David Slater back to court after a monkey snapped a photo with his camera.