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Kim Kardashian posts underwear selfie on Instagram (to promote a book, of course)

Kim Kardashian took to Instagram this past weekend to show off her body in racy images that were meant to help promote the launch of her new book, Selfish. The starlet has a huge Instagram following.

Social Media

Google+ takes on Pinterest with Collections, a new sharing feature

What's next for Google+? And is anyone still using it? The social network seems to have a brand-new feature called Collections, which is reminiscent of Pinterest. Collections began rolling out recently.


3D printing company is the newest addition to Microsoft's HoloLens project

Microsoft's HoloLens is said to have many applications and uses because it is bringing virtual objects into the environmental space. Sketchfab's partnership with Microsoft is a huge step forward to bringing 3D objects into reality.


Miley Cyrus shows her support for Bruce Jenner on Instagram with a giant blunt

Miley Cyrus celebrates Bruce Jenner's announcement that he is transgender by smoking a giant blunt on Instagram. The singer posted several videos of herself smoking and a positive Jenner quote.


Who ya gonna call? Microsoft’s age-guessing photo site finds ghostly face in picture

Microsoft's website has taken social media by storm, thanks to its uncanny ability to not judge anyone's age correctly using face recognition software and complex algorithms. However, it may have another, slightly more paranormal use.


Next to gold medalist GoPro, Sony's 4K Action Cam is stuck with silver

Although Sony’s 4K Action Cam shoots ultra-high-definition videos, 4K is more of bonus than a must-have feature.

  • Pros: 4K (UHD) video recording , Good-looking, smooth videos…
  • Cons: Larger than most action cams , 4K requires SDXC card , Some…

Sony’s mobile division continues to drown, but the overall outlook remains positive

In its latest fiscal results for the fiscal year 2014, Sony revealed its mobile division continues to flounder. Fortunately, it isn't enough for the company to predict a net income and increased operating profits for 2015.


Zensors app uses your old smartphone and crowdsourcing for smart surveillance

Zensors, an app created by a research group at Carnegie Mellon University, uses your smartphone's camera to capture data, and then uses artificial intelligence and crowdsourced input to analyze it.


How do you catch J.J. Abrams’ attention? Try sending an X-wing into space

Sending a camera into space with a weather balloon is nothing new, but two astronomy buffs and Star Wars fans added a twist by attaching an X-wing model, showing it fly above Earth. The duo also hopes to score tickets to the new movie.


Social media and music come together once again on Instagram

Social media and music come together in Instagram's latest community, @Music, which connects fans with musicians and those associated with the music industry. The community is a response to Instagram's popularity with musicians.


GoPro acquires Kolor, a startup specializing in VR, spherical content

With the acquisition of Kolor, a French startup that specializes in virtual reality and spherical media, GoPro is now positioned as a content creator for emerging VR hardware such as the Oculus Rift.


Want to creep everyone out? This selfie stick looks like a human arm

If you'd like to have a friend in your selfies but don't actually have any, the Selfie Arm could be the answer. Made of fiberglass and featuring a hand that looks like it's been stolen from a morgue, the innovative device could be every loner's dream gadget.