Grab your tripods, a partial lunar eclipse is coming Friday night

Friday night will see both a Snow Moon and a penumbral lunar eclipse as well as a possible comet sighting, though not without a telescope or pair of binoculars. Here's where (and when) to watch.
Cool Tech

DJI wants to make the Mavic Pro more indestructible for the crash-prone aviator

A slew of new accessories introduced this week from DJI aims to help keep the Mavic Pro safe from damage, including a propeller cage, guards and a sleeve for the body. There is also a new battery hub to keep the drone in the air longer.

The Langley Camera Bag proves style and versatility don't have to be complex

The design goal of this bag is right in the name: Simple. The Langley Simple is an affordable canvas and leather camera bag that gets big points for style, versatility and durability.

Pixlplay finds a use for your old smartphone as a toy camera for kids

The Pixlplay from Pixl Toys looks to breathe new life into your retired Android or iPhone by turning it into a fun, kid-friendly camera. The device is being funded through Kickstarter and is seeking $25,000.

The revolutionary flat lens just got an upgrade with the ability to capture color

The Harvard research team behind the first flat lens is back -- and now the group has updated its design to allow the lens to capture colors. The previous version could only capture one wavelength at a time.

How to hide photos on your iPhone

People tend to take a ton of photos using their smartphone, but not all are meant to be shared or seen. Luckily, hiding photos on your iOS device is easy, whether you want to use built-in utilities or apps with added security.
Product Review

Panasonic Lumix FZ2500 Review

From snowflakes to mountains, Panasonic’s FZ2500 can handle any subject.
Social Media

Take a picture, and Pinterest will generate recommended pins for you

Finding pins of things that inspire you in real life will soon be easier than ever with a new suite of Pinterest visual tools powered by AI. The new tools generate suggested pins based on other photos or even your camera.

Dual cameras won't be such a luxury with this new mid-level processor

Smartphones are a sum of their parts but a new processor may make mid-priced dual-camera smartphones easier to find. Designed for phones without quite so much power or price, the Helios P25 still supports dual cameras.

Finding an unrestricted image to use is simpler with new Creative Commons search

Creative Commons images are free to use but sometimes hard to find. The non-profit Creative Commons is working to change that with a new advanced search with filters, favorites, and more.

Think the reflector is a simple tool? The Wescott 15-in-one Omega may make you think again

Can reflectors get any more versatile? Apparently, Wescott thinks so with their new 15-in-one reflector with removable mini reflectors. From traditional to shoot through and even three minis, the Omega 360 is a versatile lighting…

A quick-release plate for filters? Manfrotto’s new Xume system makes it happen

Screwing in a lens filter could soon be a thing of the past with a magnetic filter swap system designed by Manfrotto. Essentially a quick-release plate system for filters, Xume aims to make filter swaps simple.