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Watch YouTube with friends anywhere, thanks to Tumblr’s new app, Cabana

Watch videos while watching your friends view those same videos. That is the idea behind Cabana, a social video app launched by Tumblr that aims to make watching videos online more social.

These two guys watched 50 straight hours of VR movies — and didn’t puke

Two New York residents just took binge-watching to a whole new extreme, setting a Guinness Book of World Records for VR content with 50 hours immersed in 360 content -- and a lot of caffeine.
Social Media

Facebook’s about to make augmented reality on phones really fun

Facebook has announced an augmented reality camera platform, capable of adding AR fun to its many app camera modes, for adding crazy AR effects, playing AR games, and even making AR street art.

The new Google Earth wants to take you on a voyage, and it starts at home

When it first launched in 2005, Google Earth put global imaging in the hands of everyday users. With the Google Earth relaunch this week, Google hopes to take you around the world from a different perspective.

How to pick the perfect camera lens

Want to get into photography, but not sure where to start? Our camera lens buying guide takes you through the the world of interchangeable lenses and helps remove a little of the intimidation that comes with buying cameras lenses.

Watching an air race is mesmerizing, but photographing one is a workout

Shooting planes racing at over 200mph from a moving platform while using a lens with an equivalent focal length of 960mm isn't easy, but it sure is rewarding when you pull it off. The Red Bull Air Race challenged ourselves and our gear.
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Find your favorite photos easier with Instagram’s new Pinterest-like Collections

That food photo that got you drooling a month ago is now easier to find. Expanding on the ability to save photos launched in December, Instagram now allows users to organize their favorite posts into collections.
Cool Tech

What happens when a drone is hit by lightning? It’s not pretty

Drones are fair-weather friends, according to this lightning machine and a group of researchers. But this is a video you will want to see for yourself. Try not to cringe when you see what happens to the "protected" drone.

Adata's newest SD and microSD cards support V90 standard for high-speed video

New storage options for photographers and videographers provide both good performance and large capacities. Adata is next up with its new Premier ONE UHS-II SD and microSD cards and Premier UHS-I microSD cards.

Say goodbye to lousy action cam audio with GoPro's first verified mic

GoPros may be great for capturing the action but the mic can't capture sound underwater -- or at least it couldn't until now. The MKE 2 is the first microphone verified by GoPro for the Hero4.

Can’t wait for a Bluetooth connection? The Spark is a three-in-one camera trigger

Can't wait for a smartphone connection to trigger that timelapse? With the Spark, you can also uses an infrared or wired remote. The Spark is the latest Kickstarter from Alpine Labs.

Check out the launch design of that crazy 16-lens camera

After several delays, the unique L16 camera from Light is set to start shipping to customers in the U.S. this July. New images of the final design show a few subtle changes, though the overall look remains largely unchanged.