Sleek and simple, the new Ricoh Theta SC aims to bring 360 to the masses

Ricoh's simplified version of its 360 camera offers the same image quality but drops a few usability features to shave the price tag. The $300 device has a shorter video recording time and axes live-streaming.

Cold War bunker built to protect president now holds explosion-prone, historic films

Once a shelter for the president in the event of a nuclear incident, a Virginia bunker now houses 6.3 million pieces of cinematic history. A recent video takes viewers inside the Library of Congress' Packard Campus.

Rumor: Teaser image shows Kodak might release a smartphone on October 20th

A recently released photo from Kodak teases what appears to be a dedicated shutter release button bearing the Kodak logo on the side of a smartphone device. This wouldn't be Kodak's first foray into smartphones.
Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, real money: Alibaba to enable VR shoppers to pay by nodding

Alibaba, often referred to as the of China, is working on a new payment method that will allow shoppers wearing virtual reality headsets to make payments without removing the devices.

Keep your gear safe in SKB Cases and Think Tank Photo's new hardcase lineup

Think Tank Photo has teamed up with hardcase manufacturer SKB Cases to create an all-new lineup of waterproof hard cases that are as rugged and durable on the outside as they are modular and protective on the inside.

Leica’s $15,000 special edition M-P Grip is all about the … well, grip

Leica's latest special edition wraps an M-P rangefinder in rubber inspired by a table tennis paddle and bumps the price to $14,500. It is also one of the most exclusive cameras yet, with just 79 to be sold worldwide.

Google's Sprayscape helps you capture dream-like virtual reality photos

Google has launched an app that helps you create 360-degree photos with only your smartphone. The result? Some pretty trippy virtual reality bubbles. The app is available on Google Play and is coming to iOS "soon."

The Flash Porter puts all your images in the palm of your hand

No computer? No problem. The Flash Porter is a file storage solution that offers back-up from SD cards and smartphones on the go. The Kickstarter project offers storage from 500GB to 2TB.

Kickstarter: LensShift offers follow-focus-like control on the cheap

The LensShifter may look a bit odd, but it's designed to give both photographers and videographers more control over focus and zoom on the cheap. The simple counter-weighted levers offer easier fine-tuning without the expense of a…

Manfrotto aims for sleek and discreet with new camera bags

Manfrotto's latest camera bag options are sleek and slim, with a traditional Advanced design or a more discreet Street style bag. The five new bags range from backpack to shoulder bags.
Social Media

Don’t call it a dating app: Hinge wants you to stop playing relationship games

Would you pay $7 a month to give yourself a better chance of finding a serious relationship? That's what Hinge is backing on, ditching the swipers and ghosters in its new version in order to encourage meaningful connections.
Product Review

Fujifilm X-T2 Review

Mirrorless marvel: Fujifilm's X-T2 will make you sell your full-frame DSLR