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With Snapchat Bitmojis, you can now put your favorite friends on speed chat

After popping up early for Android users last week, Snapchat has officially rolled out Bitmoji shortcuts to favorite friends on both iOS and Android. It's speed dial, but for Snapchat.
Cool Tech

DJI study: Drones are already saving over one life a week

Just how much of an impact has drone technology made on search and rescue efforts? A new study from DJI suggests the number is growing -- and that even hobbyists are making an impact.

GoPro releases the Karma Flight Kit to give your Grip a new lease on life

If you recently bought GoPro's image-stabilizing Karma Grip and you fancy doing something else with it other than just holding it in your hand, then how about sticking it on a Karma drone?

Digital filters are coming — here's how Sony's latest software (might) replace grads

Sony's latest paid camera software update is an advanced variation of HDR that could eliminate the need for grad filters. Instead, the software individually meters separate areas of the image to get an even exposure with software.

Snap! 7 case brings the DSLR experience to your iPhone

Bitplay wants to solve some of the inherent problems of mobile photography with the $50 Snap! 7 case, which adds an interchangeable lens mount and improved ergonomics for photographers.
Cool Tech

Got 50 bucks burning a hole in your pocket? Here’s the best tech to spend it on

With the price of tech constantly in flux, everyone is on the lookout for quality on the cheap. Check out our favorite gadgets and gizmos for under $50, whether you're looking for a fitness tracker or a means of capturing photos from above.
Cool Tech

See what a rocket engine’s 512K pounds of thrust looks like up close — and in 360

NASA recently tested one of the engines for the Space Launch System -- and recorded it with 360 degree cameras. See just how powerful the engine that could send a spaceship to Mars is.

Predecessor to mirrorless is officially defunct — so what’s next for Micro 4/3?

The camera system that launched the modern mirrorless camera is now out of production -- so what's next for the Micro Four Thirds system? A recent interview with Olympus researchers suggests 8K video and more dual stabilization is on the…
Social Media

Beta version of Pinterest's new Lens feature now available to iOS, Android users

Finding pins of things that inspire you in real life will soon be easier than ever with a new suite of Pinterest visual tools powered by AI. The new tools generate suggested pins based on other photos or even your camera.

Facebook rolls out Messenger Day, its Snapchat Stories-like feature, to Android, iOS

After being tested it Poland and Australia, Messenger Day is ready for the biggest stage of all. Facebook said it is rolling out the Snapchat Stories-like feature to Android and iOS.
Buying Guides

Home printer buying guide: How to choose the best printer

Inkjet or laser? Do I need an all-in-one? What is PictBridge? Do I need a network capable printer? We answer these common questions and help you decide which type of printer suits you best in our home printer buying guide.