This novel, crowd-sourced action cam edits your video for you

Who has time to edit hours of action footage? A project on Indiegogo could be a game-changer with an app that automatically edits video by detecting the footage with the most action.

Adobe Creative Cloud update brings new Content Aware features, boosts performance

Creative Cloud gets smarter, more efficient, and more integrated with Adobe's June update. Adobe Stock is now built into apps, while Photoshop has gained the ability to detect fonts and straighten horizons with less cropping.

WD My Passport Wireless Pro backs up photos faster, streams up to 8 videos at once

WD's new My Passport Wireless Pro portable drive has been designed with creative workloads in mind. The upgrade to SD 3.0 means faster image transfers, while more robust Wi-Fi allows for media streaming to eight devices.

There is now a GoPro accessory to give you crocodile vision

Have you ever seen those photos that are half underwater, half above? Now you can make your own with the Crocodile, a waterproof GoPro accessory with a secondary bubble lens. The Kickstarter campaign is currently underway.

This tiny gadget turns your smartphone into a thermal-imaging camera

Thermal image cameras are bulky and expensive -- or are they? The Seek Thermal CompactPro turns any smartphone into a thermal imaging device, and it weighs less than half an ounce.
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Twitter is about to optimize your images and videos with its latest acquisition

Twitter has acquired machine learning startup Magic Pony Technology to improve visuals, including images, videos, and live-streams on its platform. The London-based startup's team will now be integrated into Twitter's AI department.

Lightroom plugin allows for instant upload straight to Instagram

Tired of exporting photos and sending them to your phone before you can share to Instagram? The LR/Instagram plugin just made your day, allowing for instant sharing to multiple Instagram accounts directly from Adobe Lightroom.

Got a slider? This gadget will add automated panning, no matter what brand you use

Smooth, computerized panning may add a professional element to your videos, but it also adds a pretty significant cost to the production. Could the new universal panning tool AutoPan change that?

Beautiful blur: gold version of Trioplan 'soap bubble' bokeh lens costs $3,500

Meyer-Optik is now taking preorders for expensive, limited editions of its "soap bubble bokeh" 100mm Trioplan lens. Photographers looking to add exclusive style to their gear can choose between a titanium or gold version, but supply is very…

Ricoh acquires wireless memory card manufacturer Eyefi

Ricoh has announced its full acquisition of Eyefi, a manufacturer of wireless memory cards. This move comes less than a year after Eyefi made strategic integrations with Olympus and GoPro to boost its cloud-based platform.

Digital large-format photography just got easier thanks to Pentax

Pentax has found a new use its latest, ultra-high resolution DSLRs: to take pictures of film. Aimed at photography purists, the new Film Duplicator 4x5 offers a fast and easy way to create digital files from large-format sheet film.

Samsung imitates Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ ads with the Galaxy S7

Samsung's latest advertisement campaign reminds us of Apple's "Shot on iPhone", minus all of the consumer touches that made it so popular. Timelapses and sweeping urban landscapes isn't for the average consumer.