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Sony reports surging revenue as its mobile division continues to drown in red ink

As a whole, Sony reported very positive financial results, with several of the company's divisions reporting substantial growths. Unfortunately, the mobile division was not one of them, with the division reporting further losses.


This guy quit his high-paying job to Periscope full-time

In June, Jon Jacques gained the courage to quit his high-paying job so he could Periscope full-time. Now, he's turned his hobby into a career and is helping those in need with donations he receives.

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GoFish Cam is…you guessed it…like a GoPro for fishing

Videos of fishing trips involve a lot of posing with dead fish. GoFish cam gives people the chance to show off the action instead. It records HD footage of fish on the line. With video proof the saying "fishermen tell tall tales," will be a thing of the past.


This live-streaming app could save your life in a dangerous situation

The new live-streaming app called Witness was designed to alert friends or family if you’re in high-risk situations. The app aims to keep people safe and could even save lives, its creator says.


Now you can star in your very own music video, thanks to this app

Have you ever wanted to create your own music video but didn’t know where to start? Triller, a new app for iOS, makes it easy for users to create their own music videos to their favorite songs, without having any editing skills.


Drift’s feature-rich Stealth 2 belies action cam’s output quality

With a very compelling price and a collection of features that impresses, the Drift action cam should be well poised to corner the market. So what’s holding it back? Lots.

  • Pros: Compact size , Rotating lens , Splash-resistant body…
  • Cons: Subpar smartphone app , Video resolution could be stronger…

This super slim 16-megapixel camera module could be headed for the Galaxy Note 5

Samsung has announced a new camera module designed for use in smartphones, that's slimmer than before, yet offers the same degree of image quality. It may find its way into the new Galaxy Note 5 or Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

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Say hello to Ozo, Nokia’s VR camera ball for professional content creators

Here it is then, Nokia's first major product since Microsoft bought its mobile phone unit 2 years ago. Determined to get into virtual reality early on, the Finnish company has unveiled Ozo, a VR camera ball that helps media pros capture immersive content.


Canon's Rebel T6s gives beginner photographers a taste of pro control

Canon’s refreshed entry-level Rebel series includes the T6s, a DSLR with a few enthusiast-quality features.

  • Pros: Excellent stills , New 24-megapixel sensor , Status LCD…
  • Cons: 30p videos a bit humdrum , Small viewfinder , Wireless…

Watch mountain biker Brandon Semenuk complete a run, captured in just 1 take

Biker Brandon Semenuk made history recently. He's the first to perform not only the longest shot in action sports history, but it was all captured in one continuous take. The film's creators employed a sophisticated camera system to shoot the scene.


Can I bring my selfie stick? This website tells you

Can I bring my selfie stick? Probably not, but if you want to check first whether the venue you're visiting will let you extend your pole or ask you to leave it at the door, here's a website that can help.


Next up from Samsung? Possibly a drone that shoots selfies

The drone market could be worth several biliion dollars in the next five years, so it's no big surprise that Samsung's R&D team is reportedly looking into the possibility of launching an autonomous device for consumers designed primarily for taking selfies.

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