Social Media

Instagram is getting instantaneous text translations in its apps

Instagram has announced that users will soon be able to instantaneously translate captions, comments, bios and more within its applications with a tap of a button. The feature is set to be released in July 2016.
Cool Tech

Incredible AI app can ‘repaint’ your photos, make them look like they were composed by famous artists

The free, Russian-made, photo app allows users to customize their images by feeding photos through an artificial intelligence that "repaints" them in the stye of great artists like Van Gogh, Munch, and Picasso.

Perfect Memory's body camera wants to take your social media to the next level

The Perfect Memory system will record your life, just like any other body camera does, but the fun extra is that it will also completely edit it for you into fun, shareable clips that you can blast on your social accounts.
Social Media

Video slideshow app Flipagram now has 200 million creators, 4 billion daily video views

Video app Flipagram has taken to VidCon to announce that it now has 200 million creators, and that it gets 4 billion daily video views on social media. We spoke with the app's co-founder and CEO Farhad Mohit about its success, and future…

Could an automated sports broadcast algorithm put videographers out of work?

What if the next sports broadcast you watched was powered by automatic cameras instead of human videographers? A recent research project shows that automatic sports video cameras could be the future of watching the game.
Social Media

You can now react to VR experiences in 360-degree Facebook videos

The Facebook-owned Oculus has now made it possible for you to react to VR experiences. Because you have real feelings, and you should be able to share them even in an artificial world.

Turn your license-plate frame into a wireless, solar backup camera with Pearl

A team of ex-Apple employees have developed Pearl RearView, an intelligent backup camera that uses a smartphone and your vehicle's onboard diagnostics port (OBD) to keep both you and those around you safe from unintended impacts.

Watch how easy it is to use Photoshop’s new face-aware Liquify tool

An update to Adobe Creative cloud introduced many new features, but none more impressive than, or as terrifying as, Photoshop's face-aware Liquify tool, which makes it easier than ever to edit faces, either to make them prettier or…
Social Media

Wunderbar! Instagram is launching a translation feature for its popular app

There are a lot of people on Instagram – 500M at the last count – which means there are also a lot of languages. Mindful of the fact, Instagram says it's about to roll out a new translation feature so we can all understand each other's…

Nice try, adults: The SelfieBroom will not trick your teenager into doing chores

In a world filled with strange things, the SelfieBroom really stands out. In what can only be described as a narcissist's best bet at actually doing chores, this contraption is exactly what it sounds like: a broom that lets you selfie.

Go long: Nikon 1,200mm f/11 lens from 1974 shows up on eBay

Nikon makes some pretty great lenses today, but nothing that quite compares to this 1,200mm f/11 telephoto behemoth from 1974 that popped up on eBay. Its usefulness on modern digital cameras is limited, but it will still impress your…
Virtual Reality

Getty Images is hopping on the VR bandwagon, building up a huge repository of stock VR content

“We are not surprised that Getty Images are embracing 360-degree photography,” Anthony Geffen, CEO of the award-winning Atlantic Productions, whose sister company Atlantic VR regularly works with virtual reality, tells Digital Trends.