Social Media

How to use Facebook Live

Facebook Live makes it easier than ever to stream live video directly from your mobile device, whether it be an Android or iOS offering. Here, we show you how to get started with the feature and how to make the most of it.

Lynx video slider system is synced to the motion of your smartphone

Back on Kickstarter for the fourth time, camera accessory company Cinetics is launching the Lynx Camera Motion Control system. The Bluetooth-enabled system offers a wide range of motion -- and an unusual control feature.

5 cool new 360-degree cameras that will turn your head

Recording and sharing 360-degree images and video is only growing in popularity, and lots of companies are showing off cameras that connect with smartphones to record of view VR-style content. Here are five new standouts.

Want to sell your photos on Amazon? Shutterstock launches new partnership

Shutterstock photographers and artists may find their work gracing the walls of more homes, thanks to a new Amazon storefront. A team at Shutterstock curates the new collection for posters and wall art.

Don't rip out your windows to try this crazy photography trick

In this video, Mark Wallace talks about a simple one-light shoot where he uses a silver window screen to create textured images. It's more proof that all you need is some good ideas and the willingness to try them out.
Product Review

D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD Review

The first smart camera for Apple HomeKit works well, but it's far from perfect.

Fotodiox's pop can-sized Fresnel light doesn't get hot to the touch

Fresnel lights offer more control, but tend to be large and run hot. The Fotodiox PopSpot is only about the size of a pop can, but offers focusable light without getting hot to the touch.
Cool Tech

Got a Benjamin to burn? Here are our 17 favorite gadgets under $100

A $100 bill can get you further than you might think, that is, so long as you know where to look. Check out our favorite tech for under $100, whether you're in the market for a walnut-accented pair of headphones or a virtual reality…
Social Media

Pinterest buys up Jelly, a small search engine powered by real people

Social media giant Pinterest has acquired Jelly, a small search app powered by real people with similar ideas on how a search should work. So what exactly did Pinterest see in the small app?

Fully funded in just hours, Meyer Optik completes a trifecta with the Trioplan 35+

Fully funded in a matter of hours, Meyer Optik's latest Kickstarter completes the three "bubble" lens series with a 35mm. The art lenses are known for their unusual bokeh taken from a 100-year-old lens design.

Fixing a photo is quick and easy with these photo-editing apps

Photoshop is a capable program, sure, but it's also expensive. Unleash your inner graphic designer with these free and effective photo-editing apps for both desktop and mobile platforms.