For $75,000, you can get the world’s first broadcast-quality 6K VR drone

Look up, friends. This isn't your average drone. Meet the Flying Eye from 360 Designs, heralded as the world's first broadcast quality 6K VR drone. It's capable of streaming live, 6K, 360-degree video over a range of five miles.

These tech innovations will keep photo prints alive

As more photos are being taken but fewer photos are being printed, Nations Photo Lab CEO Ryan Millman discusses what's next for the industry. The key, he suggests, is innovation in products and software.

Can computers draw? Google just taught a neural network to sketch

Neural networks are now capable of making a unique sketch, thanks to Google Research. The researchers intentionally made the computer forget the original sketch to see what it would generate on its own.

Say goodbye to shaky videos with Google Photos’ latest Android update

The latest update to Google Photos on Android allows users to stabilize video electronically. The feature isn't yet available on iOS but launched on Android earlier this week, along with a few other new edits.

Sony just took the number-two spot as top-selling full-frame camera brand

A DSLR is no longer the second-best-selling full-frame interchangeable lens camera brand -- that title now belongs to Sony and its mirrorless A7-series. Record sales have propelled the company into the top slot.
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Parrot Bebop 2 FPV Review

Parrot bumps up its Bebop 2 drone with better accessories to fly it like a video game.

This iOS app lets photographers earn cash from selling small photo books

Booxie today launched a royalties program that allows visual artists to sell photo books to their followers. The iOS-only app allows users to create, share, and print -- and now sell.

Create your own VR experiences with the Samsung Gear 360 camera, now $185

The Samsung Gear 360 camera is now 46 percent off from Amazon, bringing the price down to just $189 for a limited time. The Gear 360 lets you create your own VR experiences and is the best 360-degree camera for Galaxy owners.

DJI’s Phantom 4 Advanced is a flying camera with 60FPS 4K and 20MP stills

The number may be the same, but the DJI Phantom 4 Advanced sees significant camera upgrades with a larger sensor, higher frame rates, and mechanical shutter. The update also adds over a mile to the controller range.
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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review

Canon's 5D Mark IV is superb for stills even if it doesn't fully master motion.

BoxFish 360 is an underwater 360 camera that thinks outside the box

Sure, you can rig six action cameras together as an underwater camera, or you can use three with bigger sensors for better performance. That's the idea behind the $15,000 Boxish 360 pro-level underwater camera.

This self-driving car camera can literally see the light at the end of a tunnel

Seeing traffic lights is rather important for a self-driving car and the anti-flicker tech inside Sony's latest sensor makes it happen. The car camera is also capable of "seeing" in only moonlight.