Twitch embraces the arts with Creative category, Bob Ross marathon

Twitch has expanded its gaming-focused streaming service as part of a newly established partnership with Adobe, introducing a new "Creative" category featuring streamed content from artists, musicians, and other creators.

Slate, Adobe’s visual storytelling app, now available on the Web 0:30

Slate is a new, easy-to-use iPad and Web-based storytelling app from Adobe designed to help users create visually stunning websites for presentations such as newsletters, book reports, and even magazines.

Never want to see a photo of your ex again? Google Photos can help with that

Taking the whole "out-of-sight, out-of-mind" ideal to heart, Google Photos is now allowing you to virtually burn all the photos of you and your ex-lover. Well, hide them, at least.
Cool Tech

GoPro shows off video from its prototype drone, and it looks awesome 2:06

We still have no idea what GoPro's upcoming quadcopter will look like but its flying stability and gimbal look to be sorted. The company has just posted a video shot using its prototype machine, and the captured silky-smooth…
Social Media

NatGeo continues to dominate among social brands, beating NBA, People, Playboy

According to recent data, NatGeo continues to dominate other brands online regarding social actions on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and might easily retain its lead in the future.

Put your Photoshop skills to work in Adobe’s #PsMystery Halloween game

Put your Photoshop skills to work solving Adobe's #PsMystery challenge. Through updates and clues provided on the blog and Facebook page, you can save the IXS FarStar, its crew members, and the planet Earth.
Cool Tech

HyperCam captures images on wavelengths invisible to the human eye

HyperCam uses hyperspectral imaging to capture wavelengths that are invisible to the human eye. The imaging technology paired with software analysis keeps costs low, and may soon be part of consumer smartphone cameras.

Sony now owns Toshiba’s image sensor factory in Japan

Sony and Toshiba have announced a deal in which Sony will acquire Toshiba's image sensor factory in Japan. The deal is believed to be worth $166 million, and will strengthen Sony's already considerable influence in the market.
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These are the most Instagrammed Halloween costumes

A new infographic has broken down the most liked costumes on Instagram by state, by collecting costume information from the #Halloween tag. Its shows that, at least to Instagram users, ET is still the most popular costume after more than…
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Snapchat makes you happier than Facebook and not because of sexting

A recent study coming out of the University of Michigan indicates that Snapchat users are happier and experience more positive emotions when interacting than do users on Facebook.

Nikon fans, you can now build a Nikon SLR camera entirely out of Nanoblocks

If you've both plenty of patience and a deep, unwavering dedication to purchasing all things Nikon, then you might be interested in this Nanoblock kit of the company's first ever SLR camera, the Nikon F.
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Instagram releases Boomerang because GIFs are taking over the world

Instagram, the app that makes all of our lives look better than they are, has released Boomerang, a standalone app that allows you to take five photos, string them together into a GIF, and play them over and over.