Go like a pro: A day in the life of BMX bad-boy Nigel Sylvester

Professional BMX rider Nigel Sylvester’s “Go! 3” stunt video continues the tradition of providing a little something for everyone. Beyond the impressive moves are excellently edited cuts to mundane activities that only add to the…

You can now explore seven countries in Africa thanks to Google Street View

Now, Google has added some of the highlights from the majestic continent of Africa to its Google Street View knowledge base. You can take virtual tours of "some of the most iconic landmarks and monuments in Ghana, Senegal, and Uganda."

Protect your gear in style with Think Tank’s Signature camera bags

Built for the “young urban professional or corporate photographer,” Think Tank's new bags are made with a combination of high-quality materials, combining fashion and function for a stylish yet durable way to transport your gear.

Camera with ‘lens’ made of 32,000 plastic straws creates pointillism-like images

With thousands of straws arranged in honeycomb fashion inside a wooden box, the Straw Camera eschews the complex optics and electronics of modern digital imaging. Its co-creators have been refining it since 2007.

Look Ma, no softbox! Fotodiox unveils largest LED yet in portable FlapJack line

Photography accessory company Fotodiox is going big with their latest LEDs, a huge, softened 30-inch circular panel and a 15-inch square. The LEDs design means no softboxes are necessary.

Panasonic’s new organic sensor can switch between visible and NIR sensitivity

Normal visible+NIR cameras lose spatial resolution, but Panasonic’s new design avoids this by using two stacked layers of organic photoconductive film (OPF), one for the visible spectrum and one for NIR light.

Leica gets personal with a new choose-your-kit program including 19 lenses

The price of a kit lens isn't likely going to be a big factor when shopping for a $5,000 Leica, but the bundles are getting personal. Leica recently announced that three variations of the M camera can be paired with 19 kit lenses.

Vintage Stock Photos now offers its entire collection to download for free

On Thursday, Vintage Stock Photos announced it released its entire collection for free, with a royalty-free license. The move puts the niche site in the same business model as parent company Freerange Stock.

It’s possible iPhone cameras could soon refocus the shot — after a photo is taken

A recently uncovered patent suggests Apple may be trying to bring post focus capabilities to future iPhones. The feature could allow the iPhone to change the focus after the fact.

Fancy is a smartphone stabilizer that could actually fit in a pocket

Smartphone stabilizers are getting even smaller. Launching on Indiegogo on Friday, the Fancy Stabilizer weighs in at six ounces, is smaller than a smartphone, and includes a built-in LED.

How to hide photos on an Android phone and keep those saucy snaps private

If you’re worried about embarrassing videos or saucy snaps falling into the wrong hands, then you need to take action to safeguard them from prying eyes. Here’s how to hide photos on your Android device.

Watch this astounding trip around the world, made entirely from Google Maps

Hyperlapses can be fun, but did you know you don't actually have to go anywhere to make them? For example, this impressive bit of work by Italian student Matteo Archondis uses screenshots from Google Maps and nothing else.