How to selectively reduce noise in photographs using Photoshop

If you've ever cranked the ISO up on your camera, you've probably experienced the visual artifact known as noise. Here's one of the best ways you can get rid of it using Photoshop's built-in layer styles and blending modes.

Light to ship L16 computational camera this summer

Light recently announced it has secured a distribution center for the L16, a revolutionary computational camera. The company aims to ship pre-ordered cameras this summer, but isn't taking new orders.

Incredible POV video shows how skilled this drone pilot is

You wouldn't know flying a drone is difficult by watching Steele Davis at work. Using his modded-out drone, he shows off his ability to capture incredible footage of RC planes in flight during the world's largest RC gathering.

10 point-and-shoot cameras that make your smartphone look sad

Smartphones may be today's cameras of choice, but don't count the point-and-shoot out quite yet. The newest point-and-shoot cameras offer large sensors, tough bodies, and long lenses –- something no smartphone can touch. Here are our…

Study uses body cameras to show racial disparities in Oakland police behavior

In a 13-month study conducted by Stanford University researchers, body camera footage from police officers revealed a startling racial disparity in how Oakland Police Department officers treat civilians during traffic stops.

Did Nikon falsely advertise the D500's Wi-Fi Capabilities?

A German D500 owner, after trying other avenues, has presented Nikon with a cease and desist letter over what he claims is false advertising in regard to the D500 and its Wi-Fi capabilities.
Product Review

Nikon D500 Review

The search for the perfect DSLR starts and ends with Nikon's D500

The best light modifiers for on-camera flash photography

The right diffuser or bounce card can make all the difference when it comes to on-camera flash photography. Here are a few of the best products for avoiding the deer-in-the-headlights look the next time you break out your flash.
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Likes, comments on Instagram posts have dropped by a third in past 12 months

Instagram might have more users than ever, but a new study shows interactions are down year-over-year. According to social media analytics firm Quintly, more users on the service means more content is fighting for FaceTime.

EOS 80D posts highest image-quality scores of any APS-C Canon

Based on DXOMark testing, Canon's latest enthusiast-focused DSLR shows impressive image quality improvements. In fact, it outranks every other APS-C DSLR from the company, including the higher-end 7D Mark II.

The next Apple Watch may have a built-in camera

If the documentation of a recent patent is to be believed, Apple's second-generation smartwatch could very well have one or more cameras inside of it.

Canon Destination Workshops 2016: Learn from the best in the most beautiful places

Take a vacation that not only gives you access to an exciting location but inspires you to shoot pictures like a professional travel photographer thanks to Canon Destination Workshops 2016.